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587 Views Everything you need to know about Uman city, Ukraine
Top 10 things you have to know about Uman city, Ukraine. Learn how to plan the trip and super important tips and suggestions to get the most out of this spiritual adventure. מאמרים וכתבות בנושא פרשת השבוע More articles from Guy
Post date : 2020-04-20 17:32 Posted by : Dud
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1133 Views Marly's Visit To Belgium
This is Marly's visit to Antwerp, Belgium. When I arrived, I met Kitten. I wasn't too sure at first but then we became best buddies. We went sailing along the Belgian coast. I was scared at first but I was tied down very well so that I wouldn't end up in the water. At one stage though, I thought they were going to make me walk the plank!!. I even had fun doing my Titanic moment. We went on a pub crawl. I am not a big drinker, despite what the photos show! However, I don't remember how I ended up, upside down in the bag! I had fun riding a bike and we went to Market Square. There are so many beautiful buildings to see.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:56 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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1184 Views Marly's visit to Broken Hill, outback NSW, Australia
I went to Broken Hill with Marlene. Broken Hill is a mining town in outback New South Wales, Australia. The line of load in Broken Hill is the richest deposit of Silver, Lead and Zinc in the world. We saw a beautiful sunrise and a huge Wedge Tail Eagle just sitting on a fence. There were also a lot of Emu's around. The roads are long and there is not a lot to see for miles and miles. When we arrived in Broken Hill, we went to the Tourist Information Centre, to get some maps and I had a sit on an Emu (not a real one!) We had a look around the town and saw the fountain at the Twin Lakes. We stopped to have a look at the Court House. It is a very beautiful old building. While we were there I had a close look at a sort of dug out canoe. Carved from Bloodwood, it represents a contemporary interpretation of aspects from traditional indigenous culture, including images portraying animals from the river. The canoe is made in two pieces, weighs approximately one tonne and contains water to represent a certain irony that it has lost it's function-it cannot float. Water is vital to this region and to the traditional people, the BAAKANTJI, which literally translates as "People of the Darling River". I visited Brown's Shaft at the Junction Mine and then went to see where The Royal Flying Doctor is based. I saw one of the older planes they used before and one of the new ones. On top of JP Keenan lookout, I got a good view around Broken Hill. I was very excited to go and see the gallery of the famous painter, Pro Hart. There was an amazing painted Rolls Royce car! At the Living Desert, there are Sandstone sculptures and a Flora and Fauna sanctuary. There is so much to see and do, even though the town is a long way from anywhere. I enjoyed my visit very much.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:54 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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1120 Views Marly's visit to Bali Part 1
Bali is such a beautiful place. The people are warm, friendly and will go out of their way to help you. I want to thank Ketut Mendra for driving us around. I highly recommend Ketut if you need a driver in Bali. You can contact me and I will give you his details. In this video you will see, in order of appearance, driving around Bali, stone carvers in Ubud, Ubud, Ubud market, Ubud Palace, private temple for the royal family, scenic driving, harvesting rice, Marly and Ketut, rice terraces, wood carvers at Bakuduwi (Garuda Village), Spring Water Temple, Snakeskin fruit (Salak), Mt Batur, driving through the lava fields, Lake Batur, floating restaurant on Lake Batur, rice terraces, scenic driving, temple, scenic driving, traditional Balinese weavers and huge statues in roundabouts.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:51 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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1022 Views Marly's visit to Bali Part 2
Bali is such a beautiful place. The people are warm, friendly and will go out of their way to help you. I want to thank Ketut Mendra for driving us around. I highly recommend Ketut if you need a driver in Bali. You can contact me and I will give you his details. Welcome to part 2. In this video you will see, in order of appearance, waterfall at Tegenungan Village, silver jewellry making at Celuk, Ulun Danu temple at Lake Bratan, monkeys by the side of the road, GitGit Twin waterfalls in Campuhan, scenic driving, Mercure hotel Kuta, Kuta, Bali bombing memorial, Kuta, Kuta beach, Discovery Mall or "Disco Ferry" as someone calls it, surfing at Kuta, Hard Rock Cafe at Kuta, Balinese ceremony on Kuta beach and Kuta beach sunset.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:49 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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1116 Views Marly's Visit to Bali Shangrila Beach Club, Candidasa, Bali
This resort is wonderful. Candidasa is a small piece of paradise in Bali. The staff here are amazing. A big hello to all of them.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:47 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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996 Views Marly's visit to Candidasa, Bali
Candidasa is a small piece of paradise on the East coast of Bali. Shhh, don't tell anyone, we want it to stay that way.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:44 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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966 Views Marly's Visit To Goa Lawah, Bat Cave Temple, Bali
This is Goa Lawah, Bat Cave Temple in Bali.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:42 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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1056 Views Marly's Visit To Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Bali
This is the beautiful Tirta Gangga Water Palace, in the Eastern part of Bali.
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:41 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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1049 Views Marly's visit to Munich, Germany
I travelled to Munich with Stuart. Also joining us was Lisa, a friend of Stuarts who was kind enough to hold me up and show me things. Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany and the capital of the state of Bavaria. A lot of clichés some people think are typically German are really only from this state, for example, the leather shorts (Lederhosen) worn by some of the men and the elegant Dirndl dresses worn by the women. First we went to a place called Schloss Nymphenburg, a big old palace complex. This was where the royal family of Bavaria, the Wittlesbachs, used to spend their summer holidays. Inside there was a really interesting collection of paintings called the Gallery of Beauties. One of the Bavarian kings created it to show off all the beautiful women in his kingdom. Theres a huge park around Nymphenburg with forests, lakes and canals. We saw a few fish in the canal who were swimming around with the mouths above the surface as if they were trying to breathe air or something. Really, who would have thought there could be such a thing? Then we went into the Museum Mensch und Natur, a natural history museum right next to the palace. It was really fascinating. There were paintings and models of giant insects and displays about whats inside humans and what they eat in different parts of the world. I even saw a model of a big red kangaroo from back home in Australia. One thing I found deeply disturbing, though, was the display about the story of Bruno. Bruno was a big Italian brown bear, who, just like me, loved to travel. A few years ago he walked all the way across the Alps through Austria and into Bavaria. He killed a few sheep and other animals (a guys gotta eat!) and when the hunters couldnt catch him he was shot. With a tear in my eye we caught a tram into the city centre. We walked from a city square called Karlsplatz-Stachus, and through one of the old city gates into the pedestrian zone. There we saw a group of six men carrying a crocodile down the street. There are some strange things going on with the animals in this town, honestly! We arrived at the magnificent main square, Marienplatz, to have a look at the town hall. Its a stunning building, stuffed with Neo-Gothic sculptures and its famous clock, the Glockenspiel. It plays a nice tune and theres a play of figures up the top. They dance around and then tow figurines on horseback have a jousting contest. In the Middle Ages they used to have real jousting right there on Marienplatz. The we walked down to Munichs famous food market, the Vitualienmarkt, and met a guy from Paris called Nic for coffee. Coming home on the train we shared a bottle of Oktoberfest beer. The Oktoberfest in Munich is one of the biggest parties in the world: it ropes in between six and seven million people from across the world every year. The beer was great, but a little strong for me, I dont know how Id go drinking from one of those one-litre beer krugs they have at the festival! Thank you Stuart and Lisa for a great time!
Post date : 2012-01-14 04:38 Posted by : MarlyTravel
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