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11 Views Serial Thief Gets Locked Inside Store and Freaks Out
This man had ripped off a gas station about a dozen times while cashiers were distracted, grabbing snacks and drinks without paying. This time, the cashier recognized him and locked the doors so he couldn't leave.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:21 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Some wonderful Somali migrants piss on the street and attack an elderly woman's car in Germany
Merkel's gems again, hard at work, making Germany a 3rd world shithole before you know it.
Post date : 2018-09-18 20:51 Posted by : peter88
9 Views RAW VIDEO: Looting at Wilmington Family Dollar after Hurricane Florence
WILMINGTON, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) - As if the hurricane wasn't bad enough, looters have already begun to target businesses left alone during Hurricane Florence's assault on the Carolina coast. Officers were called to the Family Dollar on 1318 Street Greenfield Street in downtown Wilmington where windows had been busted in. They tell FOX 46 that all of the damage to the store wasn't storm damage, it was "people damage." Inside the store, broken glass littered the floor, shelves were damaged, and what little items remained were left scattered.
Post date : 2018-09-18 20:54 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Bronx Teacher Who Performed Oral Sex On 14-year-old Gets 10 Years Probation, Avoids Jail, Keeps Teaching Certificate!
Bronx high school teacher who admitted to performing oral sex on her 14-year-old student won’t face jail time — and she might even return to the classroom. Dori Myers, 30, last month pleaded guilty to criminal sex act for the Nov. 2016 incident at her former workplace, New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, where she taught social studies. Myers’ heinous crime, which reportedly happened multiple times, was discovered after another teacher found out by way of the victim’s friend. On Wednesday, Judge Michael Obus sentenced the woman to 10 years' probation and found her to be a Level 1 sex offender. Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence Myers to a minimum of two years in prison. As part of her plea agreement at Manhattan Criminal Court, Myers also got to keep her teaching certificate.
Post date : 2018-09-18 20:56 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Arizona Man Pretended To Have Mental Illness So Caregivers Would Bathe Him & Change His Diapers!
A Gilbert man was arrested for pretending to have Down syndrome and hiring caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers. Police say they arrested 31-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca on September 6 at his home, near Val Vista Drive and Williams Field Road. Menchaca reportedly posed as "Amy" and hired a caregiver to bathe and change the diapers of her son with Down syndrome.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:00 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Tragic 'cyclops' baby born with one eye after mum was 'exposed to mercury during pregnancy'
An Indonesian woman shocked doctors when she gave birth to a 'cyclops' baby with one eye - but sadly lost her seven hours later. Atana Ariyanto and his wife Suriyanti from Java island welcomed their fifth child, a girl, at the Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Hospital of Mandailing Natal district in North Sumatra on Thursday afternoon through a natural birth. But the baby, who weighed 5lbs, was born with only one eye in the middle of her forehead and a missing nose, although her other organs were complete. Suriyanti hadn't undergone an ultrasound and was so shocked to see her daughter that she, along with her husband, shut herself away in the room.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:05 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Evelyn Rodriguez, the mother whose daughter was murdered my MS-13 and guest of Pres Trump gets run over and killed at her daughter's memorial
Evelyn Rodriguez sought to honor the life of her daughter slain with a friend by alleged MS-13 gang members, but instead she was hit and killed by a car - leaving a community shocked and mourning. CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:15 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Major Gas Line Problem Causes Over 50 Explosions In Homes In Massachusetts!
Emergency crews are responding to what they believe is a series of gas explosions that have damaged homes across three communities north of Boston. Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon says there are 20 to 25 homes on fire in Lawrence. Solomon, who's in Lawrence, says there are so many fires 'you can't even see the sky.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:17 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Woman Who Wrote "How To Murder Your Husband" Essay Charged With Murdering Her Husband!
A romance novelist who penned an essay titled “How To Murder Your Husband” has been charged with murdering her husband. Police in Portland, Oregon, said Nancy Crampton-Brophy, 68 was arrested last week on suspicion of shooting dead her husband, Daniel Brophy, in June. Mr Brophy, a chef, was found dead at the Oregon Culinary Institute where he worked.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:18 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Weather girl's epic Hurricane Florence report is most apocalyptic forecast in history
With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the US east coast, a Weather Channel forecast has given a 'biblical' vision of the storm's potential. With the use of green screen technology, a weather girl was submerged as she attempted to portray the capability of the Category 1 storm. The Weather Channel video has so far been viewed three million times and retweeted 32,000 times since being posted yesterday. And it has divided opinion with some labelling it "scaremongering" while others arguing it "gets the point across". The report begins with analysis of where the rainfall will hit, before transforming into an apocalyptic demonstration of the storm's impact.
Post date : 2018-09-18 21:19 Posted by : peter88
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