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29 Views Boring Fender Bender
Driving down the road, minding my own business, reliving my high school years listening to a little SiriusXM 90's on 9 (definitely not a good 90's song though) and crunch. No blood, no carnage, just a boring fender bender. Next up... dealing with insurance companies... FML
Post date : 2019-03-22 03:20 Posted by : moviegoer
27 Views This pigeon is worth 1.2 million euros
You might be looking at the most valuable bird in the world. Armando is a racing pigeon from Flanders, in the west of Belgium. The champion in his category, he has been auctioned for €1.25 million, which is a world record. Armando's owners, father and son Joël and Dieter Verschoot, pigeon fanciers from Ingelmunster (in the West Flanders province), expected a bid of around €500,000 maximum for their five-year-old bird. But a Chinese buyer went really far to purchase the pigeon he really wanted. Joël and Dieter Verschoot can hardly believe it themselves.
Post date : 2019-03-22 03:09 Posted by : moviegoer
26 Views President Trump on John McCain: "I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted"
During remarks at the Lima Army Tank Plant in Ohio, President Trump spoke about John McCain: "I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president I had to approve. I don't care about this. I didn’t get thank you. That's okay. We sent him on the way, but I wasn't a fan of John McCain."
Post date : 2019-03-22 03:19 Posted by : moviegoer
22 Views Woman randomly punched in head in Brooklyn
Crown Heights, Brooklyn - A woman was walking down the street in Brooklyn when she was suddenly sucker punched. It happened on Saturday, March 9th at around 12:10 p.m. at the northeast corner of Nostrand Avenue and Crown Street in Crown Heights. The man walked up to the 27-year-old woman and suddenly punched her right in the head. He then ran off northbound on Nostrand Avenue. The victim was able to drive herself to Kingsbrook Hospital.
Post date : 2019-03-22 03:14 Posted by : moviegoer
22 Views Man gets longer sentence after obscenity-filled tirade in courtroom
A defendant upset about his sentence ended up with more prison time following his tirade in Lake County Common Pleas Court. Manson M. Bryant, 32, of Painesville, appeared in court on March 1 for sentencing on charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon. Video of the hearing was released on Tuesday. When Judge Eugene Lucci revealed the defendant would spend 22 years in prison, Bryant stood up and began shouting. "F*** your courtroom, you -a** b****! F*** your courtroom, man. You as f***!" Bryant can be heard yelling on the video. "Twenty-two f****** years! You -a** b****" Deputies in the courtroom restrained Bryant and moved him away from the judge, but he continued to yell. That prompted Lucci to add six more years. Bryant will now spend 28 years behind bars.
Post date : 2019-03-22 03:12 Posted by : moviegoer
20 Views Major explosion at chemical factory in China's Jiangsu
A chemical factory in eastern China’s Yancheng City exploded today (March 21), shaking buildings for miles around. The dramatic video shows the residential buildings which are five kilometers’ away from the factory shaking while the glass windows shattering into pieces and flying onto workers when the blast happened. In another clip, massive flames and thick smoke come out of the factory and rise into the air. According to reports, the benzene in one production equipment exploded in the Tian Jia Yi Chemical Plant. 86 fire engines and 389 firemen were sent on site and 31 people have been rescued.
Post date : 2019-03-22 03:16 Posted by : moviegoer
19 Views Brutal Mugging In Queens Caught On Video
Police say a 34-year-old man was punched, kicked and robbed by a group of men late Monday night in Sunnyside.
Post date : 2019-03-21 01:35 Posted by : moviegoer
19 Views The Neighbors Music Too Loud? Run Them Over!
A hotel owner plunged a car into the crowds in a downstairs shop as a loud stereo playing there was affecting his business. The terrifying moment, shot in Shantou City in southern China's Guangdong Province on March 17, shows a black car suddenly plunge into crowds choosing home textiles in a shop. After the car stops, the driver climbs out of the vehicle through the window and tries to ignite the fuel tank on the car but fails. Then he punches a woman who stops him lighting the clothes and runs into the stop. Police went on site after receiving the report and arrested the driver. According to reports, the driver named Yu is the owner of a hotel above the shop. Since the stereo used to promote the home textiles in the shop was too loud it affected his hotel's business upstairs, prompting the angry hotel owner plunged a car into the shop deliberately. Several customers had minor injuries. Police detained Yu and the case was in further investigation.
Post date : 2019-03-21 01:38 Posted by : moviegoer
17 Views Crazy Guy Jumps On Car Smashes Out Window And Gets Tazed By Officer
Crazy Guy Jumps On Car Smashes Out Window And Gets Tazed By Officer
Post date : 2019-03-21 01:36 Posted by : moviegoer
17 Views Horrific moment kids run in fear after Senegalese man hijacks bus
Twelve students have been rushed to hospital in Italy after a man stopped their school bus and set it alight shortly after. Ousseynou Sy, originally Senegalese but with Italian citizenship, halted the bus he was driving, with aboard two classes of 51 high school students. He let everybody get off and then set the bus alight, threatening to kill himself.
Post date : 2019-03-21 01:37 Posted by : moviegoer
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