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Video Zone :

Q: Are there any limitations on video subject?
A: No.  But the subject should not contain any improper words.

Q: Can I give comments?
A: No, at this moment, members cannot post comments yet.

Q: Can I edit my video subject after post?
A: No, at this moment, members can only post videos & delete own videos.

Photo Zone :

Q: Can I upload photos? 
A: No.  As we’d like to enhance the quality of shared photos, members should upload photos in other website or web-pages before post them here.

Q: Where can I upload my photos?
A: You can upload them at Yahoo! Photos, Bloggers, Xanga Photos; or search ‘free, upload photos’ in internet.

Q: How many photos I can post?
A: In each ‘Topic’ in Photo Zone, member can post maximum 9 photos.

Q: Why I can’t see the photos clearly?
A: You can click on that photo to enlarge the photo size.

Q: Can I use photos to reply that Topic?
A: No.  If you’d like to post photos, you have to post in ‘New Topic’.

Q: Is there any limitation in photo reply?
A: No.  Your reply should contain at least 10 Chinese words or 20 English words.


Website Zone :

Q: Are there any limitations in Website Zone?
A: Not really, you can recommend some web-pages that are interesting & attractive; and, never post improper subject or content. 

Q: If I found there is something improper post, what should I do?
A: Click ‘Spam Report’ and tell our site admin; we will check it & take necessary actions.