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Marly's visit to Broken Hill, outback NSW, Australia- Comment

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Post date : 2012-01-14 04:54
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I went to Broken Hill with Marlene. Broken Hill is a mining town in outback New South Wales, Australia. The line of load in Broken Hill is the richest deposit of Silver, Lead and Zinc in the world. We saw a beautiful sunrise and a huge Wedge Tail Eagle just sitting on a fence. There were also a lot of Emu's around. The roads are long and there is not a lot to see for miles and miles. When we arrived in Broken Hill, we went to the Tourist Information Centre, to get some maps and I had a sit on an Emu (not a real one!) We had a look around the town and saw the fountain at the Twin Lakes. We stopped to have a look at the Court House. It is a very beautiful old building. While we were there I had a close look at a sort of dug out canoe. Carved from Bloodwood, it represents a contemporary interpretation of aspects from traditional indigenous culture, including images portraying animals from the river. The canoe is made in two pieces, weighs approximately one tonne and contains water to represent a certain irony that it has lost it's function-it cannot float. Water is vital to this region and to the traditional people, the BAAKANTJI, which literally translates as "People of the Darling River".

I visited Brown's Shaft at the Junction Mine and then went to see where The Royal Flying Doctor is based. I saw one of the older planes they used before and one of the new ones. On top of JP Keenan lookout, I got a good view around Broken Hill.

I was very excited to go and see the gallery of the famous painter, Pro Hart. There was an amazing painted Rolls Royce car! At the Living Desert, there are Sandstone sculptures and a Flora and Fauna sanctuary.

There is so much to see and do, even though the town is a long way from anywhere. I enjoyed my visit very much.
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