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687 Views EF - Live The Language - Sydney
Directed by Gustav Johansson (gustavjohansson.com) D.O.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf (niklasjohansson.com) Typography: Albin Holmqvist (albinholmqvist.com) Music: Magnus Lidehäll (twitter.com/​magnusthemagnus) VFX: Goodmotion (goodmotion.se) Produced at Camp David (campdavidfilm.com) Producer: Lolo Uggla Client: EF International Language Centers Campaign site: ef.com/​livethelanguage
Post date : 2011-09-13 16:10 Posted by : moviegoer
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781 Views Kriget - Submission (Official video)
Director: Slobodan Zivic Cinematographer: Daniel Takacs Editor: Anders Hellman 2011
Post date : 2011-09-13 16:08 Posted by : moviegoer
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862 Views Little Boat
my new film. enjoy! Currently in ONECLOUDFEST Fall Competition: onecloudfest.com/​festival/​competition/​?p=3&pa=a&id=103 like if you like!
Post date : 2011-09-13 16:07 Posted by : moviegoer
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874 Views Porter Robinson // SPITFIRE (aka: CAPTURE THE CAN)
A videogame style paintball match shot in one take with the Phantom Flex @ 1,000 fps. Dont forget to have a looksy at the chat box ;) Click link to Tweet: twitter.com/​share?original_referer=vimeo.com/​28817900 Check out Behind The Scenes: youtube.com/​watch?v=bPY0b0mVZ5o Directed by: Saman Keshavarz TWITTER: twitter.com/​#!/​ghibli303 FACEBOOK: facebook.com/​samanftw Silly WEBSITE: samanftw.com Thanks to OWSLA & Porter Robinson for repping this as his official music video ^_^ Porter Robinson facebook.com/​porterrobinsonmusic twitter.com/​#!/​PorterRobinson Other People who ROCK!!! Producers: Ross Levine, Francis Pollara VFX: Alessandro Schiassi (alessandroschiassi.com) Cinematographer: Justin Gunrari Editing: Nate Tam Production Company: Paydirt Pictures Rep & Special Thanks: Danielle Hinde (Doomsday Entertainment) Executive Producers: Lanette Phillips, Jon Ker, Jeremy Barrett Special Thanks: Nate Eggert, Ethan Benner, Danny Smith, Bobby Avila, Justin Schwarz, Vinnie Palmieri, Ryan Collette, Steff Druckenmillar and of course all the people who got f**ked up from paintballs. And last but not least, Porter Robsinon and gang for a sick @$$ track.
Post date : 2011-09-13 16:06 Posted by : moviegoer
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674 Views Kid Cudi x S2A - Mr Rager
Kid Cudi Mr Rager directed by Jeremie Rozan from Surface to Air
Post date : 2011-09-13 16:03 Posted by : moviegoer
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976 Views Always a Family - StoryCorps 9/11 animation
On September 11th, 2001, Michael Trinidad called Monique Ferrer from the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower to say one last goodbye. rauchbrothers.com storycorps.org Directed by: The Rauch Brothers Art Direction: Bill Wray Producers: Lizzie Jacobs & Mike Rauch Animation: Tim Rauch & Erica Perez Audio Produced by: Michael Garofalo Music: Fredrik Label: The Kora Records Publisher: House of Hassle Funding provided by: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting The Carnegie Corporation of New York National Endowment for the Arts
Post date : 2011-09-13 16:00 Posted by : moviegoer
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836 Views Reflections: A 9/11 Tribute
May we never forget what happened to our country that day. Shot in NYC, Newark and Dallas. Blog post about the creation of the piece: s-kellerphoto.com/​2011/​09/​reflections-911-tribute.html
Post date : 2011-09-13 15:58 Posted by : moviegoer
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862 Views Alimation
Film de / by Alexandre DUBOSC (France, 2' 48", 2011) alexandre-dubosc.com ==) "skwigly" interview : skwigly.co.uk/​alexandre-dubosc-alimation/​ ( ma participation pour le concours Festival Annecy / Youtube 2011 ) Facebook : facebook.com/​#!/​profile.php?id=753502709 Live motion film ( stroboscopique animation ) ------------------------------------- Comment s'animer les papilles... ( Hommage au pré-cinéma, aux jeux optiques : zoetrope, praxinoscope, etc...) ------------------------------------- A tasty tribute to pre-cinema and optical toys (zoetrope, praxinoscope…). ------------------------------------- "Making OeuF" : flickr.com/​photos/​alexandre-dubosc/​sets/​72157626568497321/​ Pictures : flickr.com/​photos/​alexandre-dubosc/​sets/​72157626575510171/​
Post date : 2011-09-13 15:57 Posted by : moviegoer
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964 Views Danger Planet
During a routine scan on a distant planet, a young space scout finds romance with a female pilot. But when peril strikes the two star-crossed explorers, he must face what lurks in the darkness of the planet to rescue the girl. Making Of- vimeo.com/​28299814 dangerplanet.blogspot.com for more! Danger Planet is an animated short created by students at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. This 4 minute student animation was finished primarily in a summer after over a year of preproduction. Credits Justin Burks, Danny Cooper, Andrew Lopez, Chris Wombold, Brandon Bailie, Stephanie Miranda, Aaron Adams, Yannick Amegan, Cassidy Stone, Gareath Murray, Christine Turner, Beau Sherman, Matt Kidd For info contact juburks2000@gmail.com
Post date : 2011-09-13 15:55 Posted by : moviegoer
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pengillys.bandcamp.com/​ Here is our new music video for Leeds/London based band Pengilly's, for their new single "Toby's Hill" (part of the EP of the same title). Pay as much or as little as you want to download it from their bandcamp page! We're fascinated by cults such as Heaven's Gate, West Boro Baptist Church, Raelism, Scientology etc etc. How charismatic, god complex individuals can have so much power over people who might not necessarily be stupid or weak, just suggestible. The band were really open to the way we wished to portray them, Ric particularly, as a spoilt ego-maniac, drunk on power over the group. The band were fantastic to work with - all in all shooting this video was an absolute pleasure and one of the most enjoyable shoots we've been involved in. Produced by Brown Bread Films; Rob Blake, Thomas Harrison, James-Alexander Adair and Rory Martinez. Written by-- Silas Parry and Rob Blake Costume Design-- Rose Love Stills Photography--Reece Leung and Kirsty Garland Special Thanks- Matt and everyone at Otley Sailing Club, Adam Chesney, James Rhodes, Sam Barratt (at Nike SB) Becky Walker, Matt Burton, & Dave Williams. brownbreadfilms.com/
Post date : 2011-09-13 15:53 Posted by : moviegoer