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This song is dedicated to Greek God, Mikael Shadows Mythology If you want, you can print the lyrics and download the audio file of this song. Also to let you know that both the lyrics and the audio file are not copyrighted so you are free to use as you please.
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"Ancestors" from History of Forgotten Things by Jed Whedon and the Willing ( Animation by Efehan Elbi (​efehan /​efehan)
Posted By : moviegoer​ Here is our new music video for Leeds/London based band Pengilly's, for their new single "Toby's Hill" (part of the EP of the same title). Pay as much or as little as you want to download it from their bandcamp page! We're fascinated by cults such as Heaven's Gate, West Boro Baptist Church, Raelism, Scientology etc etc. How charismatic, god complex individuals can have so much power over people who might not necessarily be stupid or weak, just suggestible. The band were really open to the way we wished to portray them, Ric particularly, as a spoilt ego-maniac, drunk on power over the group. The band were fantastic to work with - all in all shooting this video was an absolute pleasure and one of the most enjoyable shoots we've been involved in. Produced by Brown Bread Films; Rob Blake, Thomas Harrison, James-Alexander Adair and Rory Martinez. Written by-- Silas Parry and Rob Blake Costume Design-- Rose Love Stills Photography--Reece Leung and Kirsty Garland Special Thanks- Matt and everyone at Otley Sailing Club, Adam Chesney, James Rhodes, Sam Barratt (at Nike SB) Becky Walker, Matt Burton, & Dave Williams.
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The new video for My Machines (featuring Gary Numan) taken from Battles' album Gloss Drop, out now. This video is a collaboration between Battles, Warp Records and The Creators Project's The Studio, which produces and distributes works from artists representing a cross-section of creative disciplines. More info at The Creators Project's site produced by PrettyBird Buy Battles - Gloss Drop: Amazon -​-/​battlesglossdropamazon iTunes -​-/​battlesglossdropitunes Bleep -​-/​battlesglossdropbleep
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My Graduation film for the "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design", 2011. Awesome Soundtrack by Nadav Ravid. Please visit for more information!
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