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949 Views "032" The Canadian Affair
This film is a collaboration with The Good The Bad. thegood-thebad.com/​ Credits: Production: Antler Films Director: Thibaut Duverniex 1st Assistant Director: Catherine Therrien Producer/PM: Sach Baylin-Stern Cinematographer: Mathieu Laverdière 1st AC: Guillaume Sabourin Steadicam: Brian Finlay MU/Hair: Anicko Bouchard MU/Hair: Katrine Boilard Wardrobe: Cristina Acevedo Wardrobe Assistant: Kate Aubrey Art Director: Mathieu Léger Art Assistant: Amandine Daviet Art Assistant: Pierre-Marc Duguay Art Assistant: Cristophe Lennox Post Production: Fly Studio DIT: Alexis Vanier Grip: Guillaume Cannicione Electro: Francois Legris BB Electro: "Charles ""Goliath"" Marcotte" BB Grip: Maxime Cloutier Rigging (L’Intrigue): Andrée Prep: Marcel Barrier Assist: Daniel Desilets Craft: Theresa Gervais Production Assistant: Matty Pick Ups/Returns: Alex Boucher Production Assistant: Eric Raglione Production Assistant: Cody Larocque Maison George Etienne Cartier: Anne Julie Departement Camera: Patrick G/E Cinepool: Raphael Talent in order of appearance: Estelle Vennes Jana Jevtovic Jeanne Vennes Alison Rose Blakley Margaux Vennes Ashlea Watkin Vanessa Pilon Melissa Jessica Langlois Judy Baylin-Stern
Post date : 2011-10-10 16:36 Posted by : moviegoer
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792 Views BLACK
visit me on facebook and if you like...give me a like :-) facebook.com/​pages/​Sie/​165202306897493?sk=wall Germany, 2010, 80sec. BLACK focuses on our fear of the uncontrollable, which goes hand in hand with our fascination of the unfamiliar. Canon 5D Mark II 100mm Macro
Post date : 2011-10-10 16:34 Posted by : moviegoer
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ARE YOU A FORD OR A FERRARI? Meet Simon Diceman, a "Master of the Universe" who's having trouble getting through the morning. The Road to Success is a short, sharp film about ambition and toasters. Starring Don Hany (east West 101/Offspring) DOP: Bonnie Elliott, Prod Design: Jasmine Christie, Music: David Varga, Producer: Cecilia Ritchie, Writter, Director & Editor: Dimitri Ellerington Shot on RED1 MX. Camera & Grade generously supplied by High Def video services. TRTS has screened at a number of festivals including Flickerfest, Dungog & London Australian Film Festival. sixfoot6films.com twitter.com/​sixfoot6films
Post date : 2011-10-10 16:27 Posted by : moviegoer
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805 Views A Bridge Too Far
A1(M) overnight bridge demolition between Darlington & Dishforth. As part of the M1 motorway upgrade scheme the Highways Agency (Yorkshire and Humber) closed the A1, North Yorkshire between Junction 60 (near Darlington) and Junction 49 (Dishforth). Saturday 9 April - Sunday 10 April 2011 -------------------- Production Notes: Timeplase with the Canon 5Dmk2. 18+ hours 4,000 images. Jpegs assembled in Apple Quicktime. Output in Prores at native 5616x3744 & 1920x1080, cut in FCP. The 5616x3744 layer was used for panned close up shots. The 1920x1080 was used as a base layer. Graded with three way colour correction in FCP. Output and rendered in Apple Compressor adding additional blanket colour correction and sharpness. Lens became fogged at around 3:30am. Very cold from 2am-6am drained batteries fast. Thanks also to Luke Miller. hutch.ws Soundtrack: Angèle Dubeau & Le Pietà / |. Relaxed Groove
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:28 Posted by : moviegoer
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1186 Views Ancestors (Jed Whedon and the Willing)
"Ancestors" from History of Forgotten Things by Jed Whedon and the Willing (jedwhedon.com) Animation by Efehan Elbi (vimeo.com/​efehan / twitter.com/​efehan)
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:27 Posted by : moviegoer
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Sequel to the award winning GOLDEN AGE - THE SIMULATION, 'SOMEWHERE' attempts to visualise the notion of a 'downloaded architecture'. We are in a time where much of what we do is online. The notion of the online will radically change, the notion of the computer and the home will merge. We will download parks and places to relax, have skype phone calls with simulated telepresence of our friends and family, be immersed in nanorobotic replications of any kind of objects or furnishings downloaded on credit based systems. The local becomes the global and the global becomes the local. Consumer based capitalism would change forever. A truly 'glocolised' world. SEE THE PREQUEL HERE: vimeo.com/​18649113 Mainly constructed in 3ds Max, using thinking particles, ghosttown, box2+3, particle flow, thinking particles, and rendered in vray. Footage of character was from a Canon 7D. All composited in After Effects and Premier. Visit my site: WWW.FACTORYFIFTEEN.COM
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:24 Posted by : moviegoer
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866 Views BALI, JE T'AIME!
BALI - Indonesia // Camera: Canon 5D Mark II // Lenses: Canon 100mm 2.8 macro, // Zeiss 50mm 1.4 regula // Editing: Final Cut Pro // Color correction: Color Finesse 3 // Music: helios - cross the ocean
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:23 Posted by : moviegoer
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998 Views Tabula Rasa - Short
Pursue of synthetic utopia. Hi, This is a personal project created as a final graduation work at my art gymnasium. The basic idea was to tell a simple story about the emptiness of human mind and the slavery of our own system which makes us artificial, though sometimes by sacrificing ourselves for simple and ordinary things we can make them magnificent. Hope you like it. Credits: Short created by Arnoldas Vitkus - arnol2x@gmail.com Music by Povilas Ramoska - povilasramoska@gmail.com
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:21 Posted by : moviegoer
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771 Views Hockey 101
During my time at DIGITAL KITCHEN as an intern, I was asked to create a personal project of my choice. The content, approach, creative, tools, style etc. were all up to me and basically I would get out of the project what I put into it. For those who know me well, or even briefly know that I am a diehard Canadian born hockey fan (Canucks). I decided to use this as the subject matter and wanted to get the opinions of some of my fellow American creatives on the sport of hockey which they may or may not know anything about. I interviewed a bunch and then cut the most unique candid answers together with the intention of bringing the piece into flash and animate over. This is a technique I had yet to try my hand at so I applied myself and after 1407 individually animated frames it was done! Thanks to everyone at DIGITAL KITCHEN Seattle for letting me pick your brains on my favorite thing. ---------- J-Scott Reel 2011 vimeo.com/​29250393
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:19 Posted by : moviegoer
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753 Views Battlesnake - The Cheshire Cat
Battlesnake is a 3 piece Free-Rock trio from Melbourne. The Cheshire Cat is an improvised song recorded in a house on Phillip Island one weekend in October. We walked into the swamp, got lost, and when we finally emerged, some time later, we came up with this. It comes from the soon to be released album, 'Your Life is on Fire'. Battlesnake is Adam Smith, Bass; Michael Pulsford, Drums; Gus Kemp, Electric Piano. Engineered by John O'Donnell and Mixed/Mastered by Casey Rice. battlesnake.bandcamp.com guskemp.net
Post date : 2011-10-05 07:18 Posted by : moviegoer