Top Best 5 Sales Readiness Platform for 2022

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2024-02-26 19:47
Description : Sales readiness, a fundamental aspect in enhancing sales team performance, involves providing essential resources to boost productivity and streamline processes. It encompasses a range of offerings designed to improve overall team efficiency and equip managers with detailed insights for accurate sales forecasting.

The primary goal of sales readiness is to support sales teams, impacting various facets of the organization positively. For example, the talent team can optimize sales readiness for onboarding new hires and conducting practice sessions for the existing workforce. Similarly, the technology team can leverage sales readiness to assess product knowledge and acquire new insights through quizzes.

In this blog, we delve into the top 5 sales readiness platforms for 2022, each offering unique features and benefits.

1. LevelJump:
LevelJump is a sales enablement and readiness solution that reduces the onboarding time for new sales hires. By attributing sales enablement programs, training, and coaching to metrics in Salesforce, LevelJump’s Outcome-Based Enablement proves its impact on revenue.

2. Commercial Tribe:
Commercial Tribe provides sales managers with effective software to guide their focus on sellers, resulting in more sellers achieving their goals. With CT Connect, managers can build coaching plans, direct coaching to specific opportunities, and use a consistent assessment framework to provide structured feedback.

3. Second Nature AI:
Second Nature AI offers a virtual pitch partner using conversational AI to engage in discussions with sales reps, score them, and assist in improvement. This AI-driven sales coaching software provides real-time feedback, reminding reps of missed points, challenging them with questions, and offering visibility into individual performance for managers.

4. Ambition:
Ambition is a leading coaching and gamification software for innovative sales teams. It provides tools for sales leaders to coach teams, motivate performance, and hold reps accountable in real time. Ambition integrates with CRMs and sales stacks, turning overwhelming data into actionable insights.

5. Awarathon:
Awarathon is an AI-enabled video roleplay platform that ensuressales teams deliver perfect pitches consistently. With features beyond basic video-roleplay functionality, Awarathon comprehensively addresses the needs of growing sales teams, making it a dynamic tool for video-roleplay-led sales coaching.

These platforms assist companies in improving their online sales processes, streamlining operations, providing robust reports, managing content repositories, tracking sales quotas, and enhancing knowledge through assessments. The feature comparison table helps in understanding the offerings of each platform in detail.

In conclusion, Awarathon stands out as one of the best sales readiness and video roleplay platforms, offering powerful features at a competitive cost. Its proprietary AI trainer breaks down every element of the perfect sales pitch, providing actionable feedback to ensure consistent communication of the company’s message. The software’s robust reports and detailed insights help address learning needs effectively, making Awarathon a standout choice for organizations aiming for sales growth.

For further clarification or queries, email info@awarathon.com. Awarathon takes customer feedback seriously, staying attuned to market trends and sales challenges to deliver a top-tier product for organizational sales growth.

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