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2024-04-08 14:26
Description : AI video roleplay platforms are part of the morphing AI world, and Second Nature has over time become one of the big players in it. Nevertheless, AI technology also has incredible features and abilities, as science and technology are developing at a very fast pace, we need to consider some different ways to engage scenarios that might just give a positive impression. This blog is not about those who like Second Nature but will talk about other platforms that can offer more to users as far as their satisfaction and better experiences are concerned.

Our first step will be the implementation of Awarathon — our AI-powered video role-playing platform.

1. Awarathon
Awarathon implements the role-play-led sales coaching process via video Q&A in real-time. Its mimic of a virtual training arena uses AI for winning pitches’ preparation, accuracy, and details. Using AI the platform has studied more than 400000 videos and it has reached already users from the most trusted brands in the world it has 95000 registered users.

The array of activities that Awarathon is offering is in the company of some of the best businesses from all around the world.





Dr Reddys

Sun Pharma


Bajaj Finserv

ICIC Mutual Fund


Our avarathon’s campus is virtual coach Trinity, an interactive AI persona that is smart and based on real-life sales pitches, it creates an AI environment that mimics real-life situations and provides a one-to-one training experience free of dangers and risks for sales professionals who therefore get an opportunity to polish their pitching skills. This new interactive type of system is focused on sales reps, via phone camera or web screen, who connect with Trinity, a smart and artificial persona. Trinity shifts rapidly among those numerous characters, playing a dissatisfied shopper a happy customer, or a well-trained doctor who has 2 to 25, years of practice in running the company’s business operations. The key objective is to expand sales representatives’ skills so that they can know and strategically gather details from clients, which is vital in achieving excellent results in daily operations.

This creative method allows intelligent interaction of users through Rapid-Fire Questions, Gamified Sales Training, Answer-Based Questions, and immediate reports to emphasize the clarity of training.

Impact Created –

Through the utilization of Awarathon’s cutting-edge AI tools, clients have witnessed the following impactful outcomes: Through the utilization of Awarathon’s cutting-edge AI tools, clients have witnessed the following impactful outcomes:

A two-thirds reduction of time spent by customers.

Brand exposure has increased by 25 %, and the figures continue to be at higher levels.

Learner involvement and collaboration increased by 50 %.

50 % Skill proficiency increased competency

2. Quantified
In the same way the worldloves flight simulators, salespeople will love Quantified’s Sales Simulator. This is the correct level of abstraction, as it verifies as a face-to-face call you make with a video and even connects across multiple teams. Therefore, lastly, you will get those clients who are ready to market, and you will know which employees are telling and selling, and which ones you need to coach.

Capability Analytics

AI-powered Role play Simulations

AI Coaching

Certification & Reporting

Experiment by doing so in a safer atmosphere and overcome the fear of flight.

Analyze behavior

3. Seismic
Seismic is a sales enablement platform that is tailored to meet sales, marketing, and customer success teams’ needs. In this sphere, the products that the company will be offering as a part of its platform shall be descriptive.

Sales content management

Buyer engagement

Enablement intelligence

AI-powered insights and recommendations

Learning and coaching

Role-based dashboards

4. Gong
Gong is a Revenue Intelligence Platform using their own machine learning and artificial intelligence technology that allows teams to not only capture but analyze and act upon all customer interactions in one synced application. Distributing among thousands of companies from allover the globe, Gong is known for contributing to making go-to-market strategies for these companies successful and for them to generate revenues faster.

Assessment Management.

Automatic Outbound Dialer.

Call Monitoring.

Call Recording.

Interactive Dashboards

5. Saleshood
In AI Coach SalesHood, generative AI technologies are utilized to enable the teams to remain in sync and on point with the most current messaging. This approach hyper-personalizes the customer experience journey by way of where salespeople should focus and how they should exchange information to optimize productivity and make the deal easier to predict.

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