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321 Views The real story of Rosa Parks — and why we need to confront myths about black history
Black history taught in US schools is often watered-down, riddled with inaccuracies and stripped of its context and rich, full-bodied historical figures. Equipped with the real story of Rosa Parks, professor David Ikard highlights how making the realities of race more benign and digestible harms us all -- and emphasizes the power and importance of historical accuracy.
Post date : 2020-02-04 22:28 Posted by : peter88
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297 Views The life, legacy & assassination of an African revolutionary
In 1972, Thomas Sankara was swept into the revolution seeking to wrest control of Madagascar from France's lingering colonial rule. The protests inspired the West African native to read works by socialist leaders and seek wisdom from military strategy. Leaving Madagascar in 1973, he was determined to free his country from its colonial legacy. Lisa Bacon details the life of the revolutionary icon. [Directed by Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat, narrated by Christina Greer, music by WORKPLAYWORK / Cem Misirlioglu].
Post date : 2020-02-04 22:26 Posted by : peter88
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332 Views The past, present and future of nicotine addiction
Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, killing more people each year than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murder and suicide combined. Follow health policy expert Mitch Zeller into the murky depths of the tobacco industry as he details the sordid history of nicotine addiction -- and invites us to imagine a world where policy change helps stop people from becoming addicted in the first place.
Post date : 2020-01-09 02:53 Posted by : peter88
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354 Views The search for dark matter — and what we've found so far
Roughly 85 percent of mass in the universe is "dark matter" -- mysterious material that can't be directly observed but has an immense influence on the cosmos. What exactly is this strange stuff, and what does it have to do with our existence? Astrophysicist Risa Wechsler explores why dark matter may be the key to understanding how the universe formed -- and shares how physicists in labs around the world are coming up with creative ways to study it.
Post date : 2020-01-09 02:52 Posted by : peter88
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352 Views Could a breathalyzer detect cancer?
How is it that a breathalyzer can measure the alcohol content in someone's blood, hours after they had their last drink, based on their breath alone? And could we use this same technology to detect disease by analyzing a person's breath, without having to use more invasive diagnostic tools like biopsies, blood draws, and radiation? Julian Burschka details the complicated process. [Directed by Cabong Studios, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Matheus Wittmann].
Post date : 2020-01-09 02:50 Posted by : peter88
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335 Views The urgent case for antibiotic-free animals
The UN predicts that antimicrobial resistance will be our biggest killer by 2050. "That should really scare the hell out of all of us," says bioprocess engineer Leon Marchal. He's working on an urgently needed solution: transforming the massive, global animal feed industry. Learn why the overuse of antibiotics in animal products, from livestock feed to everyday pet treats, has skyrocketed worldwide -- and how we can take common-sense measures to stave off a potential epidemic.
Post date : 2020-01-09 02:47 Posted by : peter88
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337 Views The secret weapon that let dinosaurs take over the planet
We've all heard the theories on how the dinosaurs died -- but why did they come to dominate the earth for so long in the first place? (Hint: it has nothing to do with their size, speed, spikes or fantastic feathers.) Travel back in time to 200 million years before their extinction with paleontologist Emma Schachner for a breath of fresh air on dinosaur history.
Post date : 2020-01-09 02:44 Posted by : peter88
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363 Views The mysterious life and death of Rasputin
On a night in 1916, Russian aristocrats set a plot of assassination into motion. If all went as planned, a man would be dead by morning, though others had already tried and failed. The monarchy was on the brink of collapse, and they believed this man was the single cause of it all. Who was he, and why was he to blame for the fate of an empire? Eden Girma explores the life of the notorious Rasputin. [Directed by Hype CG, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Gabriel Maia].
Post date : 2020-01-09 02:42 Posted by : peter88
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329 Views Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans
Water is essential to life. Yet in the eyes of the law, it remains largely unprotected -- leaving many communities without access to safe drinking water, says legal scholar Kelsey Leonard. In this powerful talk, she shows why granting lakes and rivers legal "personhood" -- giving them the same legal rights as humans -- is the first step to protecting our bodies of water and fundamentally transforming how we value this vital resource.
Post date : 2019-12-31 18:10 Posted by : peter88
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335 Views How the gut microbes you're born with affect your lifelong health
Your lifelong health may have been decided the day you were born, says microbiome researcher Henna-Maria Uusitupa. In this fascinating talk, she shows how the gut microbes you acquire during birth and as an infant impact your health into adulthood -- and discusses new microbiome research that could help tackle problems like obesity and diabetes.
Post date : 2019-12-31 18:09 Posted by : peter88