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577 Views The Directors Series - The Coen Brothers [4.5]
THE DIRECTORS SERIES is an educational/editorial non-profit collection of video and text essays by filmmaker Cameron Beyl, dedicated to appreciating and deconstructing the work of contemporary and classic film directors. This ongoing project is made possible in part by our generous supporters on Patreon. Please visit our profile page to learn how you can become a patron: patreon.com/directorsseries 4.5: SCREWBALL SCOUNDRELS is the fifth installment of THE DIRECTORS SERIES' examination into the films and careers of directors Joel and Ethan Coen, covering their brief foray into the slapstick caper genre with mass commercial appeal: -GAP "TWO WHITE SHIRTS" COMMERCIAL (2002) -INTOLERABLE CRUELTY (2003) -THE LADYKILLERS (2004) -PARIS JE T'AIME: "TUILERIES" (2006) THE DIRECTORS SERIES channel on Vimeo: The Directors Series Official Website: directorsseries.net Facebook: facebook.com/directorsseriesessays Twitter: @directorsseries About the author: cameronbeyl.com
Post date : 2016-12-02 11:28 Posted by : peter88
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608 Views The world of JOEY SHANKS | 2016
The world of JOEY SHANKS.
Post date : 2016-12-02 11:18 Posted by : peter88
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605 Views Cause For Alarm - Matt Smithson
The Katie Haines Memorial Trust approached Not To Scale to create "Cause for Alarm", an animation raising awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning - the silent killer which the founders lost their daughter to in 2010. Released in conjunction with the official Gas Safety Week, the short film details the risks of poisoning in the home, the importance of maintaining appliances and having a working detector to alert you to the presence of the invisible, odourless gas. Direction / Animation / Design - Matt Smithson Production Company - Not To Scale Producer - Kelly Ford Music - Josh Smoak / Eastward Music Design - Katie Smithson Character animation - Maki Yoshikura, Geoff McDowall, Pauline McDowall Animation assistant - Kehinde Omisore
Post date : 2016-12-02 11:15 Posted by : peter88
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798 Views FRED et marie (English subtitles)
For one couple out of eight this is not a fiction Client: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles • Agency: BONJOUR inc • Concept & Creation: Marine Vincent, Pierre Jadot • Copy: Marine Vincent, Carl Hansenne, Pierre Jadot • Production: LOVO Films • Directors: TheDeck & Lenitch • Producer: Francois Mercier • D.O.P.: Bjorn Charpentier
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:54 Posted by : moviegoer
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Style Ledger takes a look at American manufacturing, with a focus on the Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn.
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:52 Posted by : moviegoer
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808 Views Murmansk in motion
Time lapse video. Camera: Canon 5d mark II Lenses: 24-70 2.8L, 70-200 2.8 IS II Soft: Adobe AE, Adobe Premiere Music: Moonbeam - About you
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:50 Posted by : moviegoer
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847 Views Rome - Two Against One
"Two Against One" from the album "Rome" by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring Jack White and Norah Jones Directed by Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:49 Posted by : moviegoer
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750 Views GOM - ESMA 2011
Au sein d'un cirque, Gom, un enfant caoutchouc se retrouve inopportunément l'assistant des artistes pendant la représentation. In a circus, Gom, a rubber-boy, has to replace inappropriately the artist's assistant during the show. Directed by: Anthony Delliste (storyboard, modeling, rigging, MEL scripting, camera mapping, animation, editing) Tristan Evin (character & set design, texturing, matte painting) Maxime Guillemin (character & set design, storyboard, layout2D, color script, modeling, lighting, mattepainting, shading, rendering, compositing) Florent Razafimandimby (character modeling, layout 3D, blendshapes & facial rigging, animation, stereoscopy, compositing) Alexis Vallauri (modeling, layout 3D, animation, blendshapes, fluids effects, compositing) Voices by: Emmanuel Garijo Nathalie Homs Julien Kramer Music by: Isaac Chia Mixed by: Jose Vicente & Yoann Poncet; Studio des aviateurs. ESMA Ecole Superieure des Métiers Artistiques 2011 facebook.com/pages/GOM/231350456913747
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:48 Posted by : moviegoer
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783 Views Troll Slayer
A video by the Jullien Brothers (Niwouinwouin and Jean Jullien). Costume by Chloe Rood Thanks to Partizan Lab. Listen to the EP, and order the 7inch here: niwouinwouin.bandcamp.com/album/troll-slayer-7-inch-preorder You can order the amazing collector pack made with french brand Mr Poulet here: monsieurpoulet.com/boutique/fr/pack-t-shirt-niwouinwouin-jean-jullien-troll-slayer.html
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:46 Posted by : moviegoer
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754 Views The Provo Bros - mining powder at Retallack, British Columbia
"During the winter of 2011, my brother Neil and I were presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were to spend two months embedded in the heart of the Kootenays at the legendary Retallack Lodge. The mission was to shred pow with our good friend Tanner, who was on his comeback, and to help film Retallack:The Movie for Inspired Media Concepts. I took the role of the dedicated time lapse junkie, while Neil was a true on slope camera master. This video is a showcase of our skills behind the camera, as well as a few of our favorite long lens shots from Retallack:The Movie. Time lapses make way for deep powder mining, and a trip into the heart of the "silvery slocan" to see how silver miners conquered the mountains a century ago. Mining for powder in the Selkirk mountains is serious business, and we found out just how serious it can get. We hope you enjoy our short film, and perhaps absorb just a sliver of the energy that is Retallack Lodge in beautiful British Columbia." ian provo ianprovo.com/ neilprovo.com/ inspiredmedia.tv/ retallack.com/ music: "Time is the Enemy" Quantic "Cripple Creek" Stringbean "Sitting on top of the world" Sam Chatman "Sitting on top of the world" Grateful Dead Intro graphic: Main title directed by Kilian Amandola and Yoann Ponti Photographer Almira Mederic
Post date : 2012-01-10 02:42 Posted by : moviegoer