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708 Views The Desert 2011
no phones, no internet, no running water. Just you, your mates and a jagged coast line where the desert meets the sea. Lewy finnegan and Dave Lush show us what the desert has to offer. Music: the rural alberta advantage- Frank AB
Post date : 2011-08-23 05:15 Posted by : moviegoer
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1172 Views 'Back to Solitude' (2011)
A last kiss, a last date, a last look into each others eyes. "Back to Solitude" (2011) Short film, 5 min. directed by Joschka Laukeninks joschka-laukeninks.de written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks starring Xenia Assenza & Constantin Lücke narrated by Alan Orpin edited by Vera Berg music composed by Jan-Peter Pflug sound design by Matthias Brattig director of photography Joschka Laukeninks flame artist Stefan Moog colourist Eike Rieche 1st assistant camera Christian Grundey 2nd assistant camera Simon Kaiser gaffer Jan Boltze best boy Manuel Bieker production manager Julian Schöneich 1st ad Sebastian Rabe 2nd ad Lena Steisslinger make up & hair Nicole Koslowski supporting actor Mario Kaspras supported by Magic Farm Loft Studios Cinegate Hamburg Thanks to my mother for doing the most delicious film catering on earth. ( :
Post date : 2011-08-23 05:13 Posted by : moviegoer
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655 Views On Assignment
As a climber sometimes our biggest job is to try to do justice to the amazing stories of our friends and peers. For this piece I worked with our crew at camp4collective.com to tell thenorthface.com athlete Jimmy Chin's jimmychin.com story as he in turn highlights modern day climbing in Yosemite for a National Geographic feature story. It seemed so serendipitous to be 'on assignment' in a place that we all cut out teeth as adventurers and which also ended up becoming the namesake of our collective! As always, thanks for tuning in! ~reo Camp 4 Collective on vimeo: vimeo.com/​camp4collective/​videos Shot on the Canon 5d, L series lenses, kesslercrane.com/​ pocket dolly v2 and rodemic.com/​ video mic pro. Music: Green Button Music "As The Clock Turns" "The Museum" GreenButtonMusic.com Random Rab "K'Khana" (Featuring Rigzin) "The Alienist" MySpace.com/​RandomRabMusic
Post date : 2011-08-23 05:10 Posted by : moviegoer
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885 Views Howl
our graduation film from Bezalel academy of art and design. directed & designed by: Natalie Bettelheim animation: Sharon Michaeli sound design & music: Yoav Brill project blog: projecthowl.blogspot.com
Post date : 2011-08-23 05:08 Posted by : moviegoer
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Going round and round and round. Shot with Canon 7d and GoPro HD. More of my music can be heard and downloaded for free (for non-commercial use) at.... soundcloud.com/​billnewsinger
Post date : 2011-08-23 05:05 Posted by : moviegoer
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640 Views Be A Manwolf Today
facebook.com/​manwolfs facebook.com/​eSskateboarding Kick to Kill by Corey Adams & Alex Craig Music - SERVE Audio Sound design - Eric Paul Sound Mix - Brody Ratsoy Man Wolf Costumes - Monika Valyi Explosion - Brent FX & Val Rick's Makeup - Kyla Tremblay Executive Producer - Seb Palmer Featuring John J Mackie - Man Wolf leader Rick McCrank - Blair Stanley John Rattray - The Doctor The Man Wolfs - Mike Prior Will Howell Hernan Kahs Eric Devro Colin Nogue Zach Barton Jamer Dudemon Sheldon Meleshinski Jeffro Halliday Jared Valentine Brett Gifford Graham Nicholas Dave Levington Dave Hoffman Xavier Burt Nathan Wayne Funk Harvey Foster Tyler Lepore Jesse Cochrin James Scrivano Wayne Morhart Christian Betancor-Leon And - Evan Haines Lo Pace Craig Trudeau Saz Dee Craig Miki Heaps Katherine Horseman Adrian Preece & William Bodine Special thanks - Mike Prior Hernan Edwardo Kahs William Howell II Oliver Linsley Korey Lucas Ja Pace Mahsa Pazhouh Natalia Campos Pancho Pace Luka Zander Craig Panos Cosmatos Craig Trudeau JP Valdes Simon Redkop Bobby Worrest Mike Manzoori Gordon Nicholas The Hoffman Residence
Post date : 2011-08-20 21:26 Posted by : moviegoer
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633 Views Quoddy Workshop - Lewiston, Maine
The Quoddy workshop in Maine is an amazing place, the craftsman are extremely skilled and very friendly and open. Special thanks to Dan for giving such a great insight. Filmed with a skeleton kit of the 5D with 24-70mm and gorilla pod. Audio recorded onto my iphone with the surprisingly good irig mic. Edited on the Mac book air 11". quoddy.com oliverwilkins.com
Post date : 2011-08-20 21:24 Posted by : moviegoer
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684 Views Oh Land - White Nights
Video para el nuevo single del disco homónimo de Oh Land, editado por Epic Records. lawebdecanada.com Dirigido y Producido por CANADA para PARTIZAN L.A. Producción Ejecutiva CANADA: Oscar Romagosa Producción Ejecutiva PARTIZAN: Jeff Pantaleo Jefa de Producción: Alba Barneda Coordinador de Producción: Jorge Llama Fotografía: Marc Gómez del Moral Diseño de Producción: James Hatt Director de Arte: Tomás Navarro Coreografía: Les Filles Föllen Vestuario Oh Land: Jessica Bobince Vestuario Bailarines: Roberto Piqueras Maquillaje: Víctor Álvarez Post Producción: Álvaro Posadas Video Mapping: Área Técnica
Post date : 2011-08-20 21:23 Posted by : moviegoer
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733 Views Above The Dust
Round II in The Whistler Bike Park. Credit to the riders; my brothers Jonah & Eli Zuckerman (as well as some snippets of yours truly). Canon 7D. Music By: The Glitch Mob
Post date : 2011-08-20 21:21 Posted by : moviegoer
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741 Views Slow Magic // Corvette Cassette
Directed, Edited and Shot by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost feelgoodlost.me Water footage sampled, with kind permission, from the gorgeous Liquify video - vimeo.com/​13204018 which was directed by Aira studioaira.com/​ Music by Slow Magic slowmagic.bandcamp.com/​
Post date : 2011-08-20 21:19 Posted by : moviegoer