Tips for flirting when you are very shy?

Post date: 2021-11-27 01:17:10
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Tips for flirting when you are very shy?

The more I like someone, the shyer I typically feel around them. And flirting is usually a little indirect, non-obvious, and unclear. Since I don't usually get incontrovertible "proof" that they like me, that makes me feel even shyer to flirt back.

In other words, it feels too risky, like I'm "putting myself out there."

Now, if someone is very OBVIOUSLY flirting with me, I am usually more confident to flirt back. But, most people won't be that direct.

In a typical situation, a guy won't continue flirting without some encouragement. So, what frequently happens is a potential budding romance quickly dies because of my shyness!

How can I develop more confidence and learn to flirt even when the situation--their interest, intentions, etc.--is unclear (as it usually is)?
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