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385 Views Zip Ties
Cable Ties Unlimited stocks and distributes more types of cable ties than anyone in the business. CTU is known in the industry for their quality products, customer service and order turnaround times for both the smallest and largest orders. CTU’s streamlined distribution model allows for same-day shipping for most orders with a 98% fill-rate. CTU's 192% growth over the past three years is a reflection of the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers. In early 2019, we more than doubled our warehousing capacity to meet the demand from our customers and to ensure we always have what you need in stock. Website: https://www.cabletiesunlimited.com/cable-ties.html
Post date : 2023-02-16 16:37 Posted by : cabletiesunlimited
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222 Views Inspired LED 101: How to bend LED flex
Welcome to the second edition of our educational mini-series Inspired LED 101: A Quick and Easy Guide to Inspired LED Products! In this segment we will provide an overview of how to deal with tricky turns and angles when installing LED flex. Inspired LED’s flexible LED strips are a versatile lighting solution, perfect for almost any accent or task-lighting application. Adhesive backing allows these LEDs to mount easily to flat surfaces, however, the installation process often requires the strips to be bent around curves and corners. For best results, use these simple techniques to make the most of your LED lighting… *Please Note: The following strategies are intended for use with Normal Bright or Super Bright flexible LED strips only. Always avoid bending individual diodes, resistors, and solder joints to prevent damage. For more info on these components check out Inspired LED 101: Part 1-Components of an LED Flex Strip. Technique 1: The 90° Fold To create a nice, clean corner fold, follow these steps during installation. Technique 2: The 90° Pinch This technique is recommended for areas where the flex strips will be kept out of sight, without the need for the finished look of the 90° fold. For a more simplified corner turn, pinch the flex between LED components into a peak. Use a dab of super glue as needed to hold the pinch in place. Technique 3: The Curve To make a more gradual turn, create a series of small accordion folds spaced several inches apart. This technique is recommended for areas with rounded edges and angles greater that 90°. A small dab of super glue may be used to help secure each fold. The more you know about your new LED system, the better prepared you will be to install and manage it in the future! If you are interested in putting together your own LED lighting system or using one of our handy DIY kits, visit our website at www.inspiredled.com. Or, to take the guesswork out of the process completely, contact our design services team for a free product layout by emailing design@inpiredled.com. Source Link: https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/inspired-led-101-part-2-how-to-bend-led-flex-strips/
Post date : 2023-01-11 19:14 Posted by : johnsnith
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285 Views LED Linear Replacement Tubes
Buy LED Online has a wide range of LED replacement tubes. We offer tubes from trusted brands, including Bulbrite, Halco, HT-Flex, Naturaled, and SATCO. Choose from a selection of colors ranging from 2700K to 4100K. Our LED replacement tubes are also available in a variety of base types, including 2G11, E26, Fa8, and more. In addition to standard straight tube bulbs, we also offer U-bend bulbs, PL horizontal and vertical options, and plug-in bulbs. The tube bulbs we offer are also available in a wide range of lumen outputs, from below 800 lumens to over 5,000. We make it quick and easy to buy LED tube bulbs online, and our friendly team of lighting specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have. We have hundreds of ROHS-compliant, CEC-compliant, DLC-listed, and NSF-compliant bulbs to choose from. These bulbs are compliant with the standards of each respective organization that certifies them in order to give you peace of mind that your bulbs are safe to use. Browse our collection of certified and approved tube bulbs today! LED tube lights are perfect for high-traffic environments that require exceptional lighting, such as schools, hospitals, and office. However, they’re also ideal for use in private workspaces and studios. Buy LED Online is the best places to buy LED tube bulbs and LED replacement tubes. Source: https://buyledonline.com/led-retrofit-tubes.html Buy LED Online Buy LED Online is the best place to buy LED light bulbs online. Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs for short, are miniscule electronic devices. LED bulbs are typically built from silicon or germanium. The method by which they are built allows electricity to flow in one direction only. When the diode resists current flow, rather than converting the energy to heat, it produces a bright light. By changing the impurity type and percentage of the LED bulb, the color of the light can be altered. It is even possible for an LED bulb to "sweep" through a range of colors or the entire visible light spectrum. LEDs are also capable of producing light with a wavelength outside the visible range of the human eye. LED light bulbs can be comprised of one LED or many. They come in a number of form factors, such as LED PAR38, GU10, PAR20, PAR30, MR16 and T8. They can be mounted in light fixtures that are powered by DC or AC current. However, in the event that AC is used, a transformer and rectifier must be installed to convert the current to a usable form. LED bulbs can range from the size of a large flood light to an organic LED, or OLED, that is roughly the size of a speck of dust. LED light bulbs are far more energy efficient than older incandescent or florescent bulbs and by comparison, emit extremely little heat, consume less power, do not flicker and produce a softer light with less glare. We offer the best selection of LED bulbs for sale. Whether you’re looking for decorative bulbs, reflector bulbs, or even specialty bulbs, we make it easier than ever to buy LED light bulbs online. Give us a call today at (888)-418-2852 to speak with one of knowledgeable lighting experts about our variety of LED bulbs for sale. Website: https://buyledonline.com/ LED Light Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs.html Satco LED Light Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs.html?brand=40821 A-Series Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs/led-a-series-bulbs.html Decorative Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs/led-decorative-bulbs.html MR Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs/mr-led-bulbs.html LED Reflector Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs/led-reflector-bulbs.html LED PAR Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs/led-par-bulbs.html LED Speciality Bulbs: https://buyledonline.com/led-bulbs/led-speciality-bulbs.html Check out our recent blog: Pantry lighting ideas: https://buyledonline.com/blog/post/pantry-lighting-ideas How To Install A Dimmer Light Switch?: https://buyledonline.com/blog/post/how-to-install-a-dimmer-light-switch
Post date : 2022-11-23 20:38 Posted by : buyledonline
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334 Views Where to Place LED Strips and LED Systems in your Home
Which Brightness Where? Are you installing LED's in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, living room, dining room or office? This video will help you understand where to place LED strips for maximum brightness and ambiance. Inspired LED – The LED Lighting Experts Inspired LED is the name of Innovation. Our products will inspire you to create the most beautiful spaces in your home or office. We are the LED lighting experts that can help you accentuate every corner of your space with modern lighting. We are a frontrunner in LED system design and product development. Our lighting experts are dedicated to offering only the best, most innovative, and elegant end-user solutions to the market. For more than a decade, Inspired LED has provided customers with reliable, energy-efficient products at the most competitive value. Our products are specially designed to be cost-efficient, consume less voltage, and utilize accessories compatible with all our light strips and panels. Being the LED light specialist, we have focused on creating high-efficiency LED lights that can be easily configured and assembled under your kitchen cabinets, backyard, and home interiors, and can also be used for lighting small industrial applications. Our LED products have found a niche in both residential and commercial usage for their uniqueness and comprehensive design. We take pride in our patented Tiger Paw LED Connector as it enables our customers to terminate LED flexible strips without the need for soldering, allowing them to create custom-length flexible strips. Source: https://www.inspiredled.com/product/bookcase-lighting-hardwired-system/ Check out Our Other Articles: https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/inspired-led-101-part-2-how-to-bend-led-flex-strips/ https://www.inspiredled.com/technical-guides-and-tutorials/diy-project-tutorial-led-car-lighting/ https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/inspired-led-101-minimizing-the-dot-effect/ https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/inspired-led-101-how-to-hardwire/ https://www.inspiredled.com/technical-guides-and-tutorials/get-this-look-part-4-ceiling-accent-lighting/ https://www.inspiredled.com/how-to-videos/diy-project-tutorial-glowing-shelf-light/ https://www.inspiredled.com/led-office-workshops/lighting-garage-workshop/ https://www.inspiredled.com/led-television-accent-lighting/where-to-add-toe-kick-lighting-around-your-home/ https://www.inspiredled.com/led-television-accent-lighting/get-this-look-the-floating-shelf/ https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/led-light-color-temperature-warm-vs-cool-white/
Post date : 2022-11-22 00:33 Posted by : johnsnith
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327 Views Outdoor LED Strip Lighting
Outdoor Weather Resistant Flexible Strips for 12VAC or 12VDC Systems Inspired LED’s outdoor LED flexible strips are great for outdoor applications such as patios, stairs, gazebos, umbrellas, walkways, barbeque areas, entertainment centers, railings, and more. These strips can connect to your current power system or can be added as a new system. Brighten up any outdoor area with the simple addition of a flexible strip! Weather Resistant strips are encased in silicone tubing (4mm x 14mm) and sealed on each end with silicone. Strips are quickly made-to-order to your specifications. Strips are not to be submerged in water, such as pools. Check out our blog post on outdoor led strips. Source: https://www.inspiredled.com/product/weatherproof-flexible-outdoor-led-strip/ Related Outdoor Lighting Articles: https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/rain-rain-water-resistant-led-applications/ https://www.inspiredled.com/lighting-projects/nogi-electric-apartment-complex-lighting/ https://www.inspiredled.com/lighting-projects/six-summer-lighting-projects/ https://www.inspiredled.com/led-kitchen-lighting/five-fabulous-fall-lighting-tips/ https://www.inspiredled.com/lighting-projects/outdoor-lighting-project-gazebo/ https://www.inspiredled.com/outdoor-lighting-2/outdoor-activities-with-leds/ https://www.inspiredled.com/outdoor-lighting-2/why-we-love-outdoor-led-lighting/ https://www.inspiredled.com/led-kitchen-lighting/how-to-installing-glass-cabinet-lighting/
Post date : 2022-10-20 22:01 Posted by : johnsnith
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701 Views Golden Home Inspections.
This is an educational real estate show and this episode is on Building Inspections. Licensed building inspector Yama Nehan talks about residential, condo, and commercial inspections. www.GoldenHomeInspections.ca 647-704-7100
Post date : 2021-02-10 18:37 Posted by : goldenhomeinspections
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652 Views Golden Home Inspections
This is an educational real estate show and this episode is on Building Inspections. Licensed building inspector Yama Nehan talks about residential, condo, and commercial inspections. www.GoldenHomeInspections.ca 647-704-7100
Post date : 2021-02-10 18:33 Posted by : goldenhomeinspections
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1076 Views Excellent customer satisfaction with affordable QuietCool fans
Source: https://www.wholehousefan.com/pages/products
Post date : 2021-02-01 16:18 Posted by : wholehousefan
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790 Views Working of QuietCool fans and their amazing benefits
Source: https://www.wholehousefan.com/
Post date : 2021-02-01 16:16 Posted by : wholehousefan
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395 Views 5 Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media
Codeaxia Digital Solutions is a digital agency based out of Delhi NCR. Social media promotion is one of the most effective marketing strategies today.
Post date : 2020-11-21 19:50 Posted by : codeaxia