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292 Views Robert Windisch: Build, maintain and sell a WordPress Plugin – Lessons learned
We gained experience by building several WordPress plugins and offer them for free or selling them on different platforms. I will tell you the story of our MultilingualPress plugin and what we learned by developing a Multilingual Plugin.
Post date : 2019-10-24 16:07 Posted by : peter88
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289 Views Micah Wood: Becoming a More Productive Developer
As developers, we are constantly building tools to help make other people’s lives easier. How often have you stopped to focus on making your own job easier? In this talk we will cover the three pillars of productivity, analyze our workflow for optimizations, and identify key leverage points that will allow us to exponentially increase our output. Full presentation slides: http://link.wpscholar.com/developer-productivity
Post date : 2019-10-24 16:05 Posted by : peter88
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300 Views Kate Toon: Why No One is Reading Your Blog Posts (and how to change that)
We all know creating engaging content is THE number one way to build trust and authority for any brand. Writing awesome blogs establishes you as a credible expert, helps you build a steady flow of WordPress clients and gives you the opportunity to educate and help your customers. https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/session/why-no-one-is-reading-your-blog-posts-and-how-to-change-that/
Post date : 2019-10-24 16:04 Posted by : peter88
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279 Views Rajendra Zore: How I Built My WordPress Business with (Almost) Zero Investment
Now that WordPress is maturing and the ecosystem is thriving, it may seem overwhelming to start a new business. But you can do it. https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/session/how-i-built-my-wordpress-business-with-almost-zero-investment/
Post date : 2019-10-24 15:58 Posted by : peter88
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279 Views Rob Stinson: Running a Remote Team. Insights from a WordPress Startup and a 13-year-old Remote Agency
This talk will skip over the obvious stuff and get stuck straight into techniques and tools that make remote work truly awesome! Learn how you can empower your team to become far more than just a bunch of people connected via a backlog of tasks and a dodgy NBN connection. https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/session/running-a-remote-team-insights-from-a-wordpress-startup-and-a-13-year-old-remote-agency/
Post date : 2019-10-24 15:56 Posted by : peter88
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304 Views Ingrid Moyle: The Day the Hackers Came: What Happened When 80% of my Client’s Sites Were Hacked in One Day
This session will explore why WordPress sites get hacked, how you know you have been hacked, what are the implications of a hack, and what are some of your options to fix your hacked site. It will also look at both simple and more complex solutions to reduce your risk to your WordPress website so you never face a similar night of horror. https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/session/the-day-the-hackers-came-what-happened-when-80-of-my-clients-sites-were-hacked-in-one-day/
Post date : 2019-10-24 15:55 Posted by : peter88
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285 Views Alex Bishop: Advanced Custom Blocks – creating customised editing experiences in a Gutenberg world using ACF
The block revolution is undoubtedly here, but not everyone has been able to embrace it yet. If you’ve never used ReactJS before it may seem intimidating, or at the very least time consuming to go all-in on the new editor and create custom blocks for every situation you come across. https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/session/advanced-custom-blocks-creating-customised-editing-experiences-in-a-gutenberg-world-using-advanced-custom-fields-and-the-skills-you-have-now/
Post date : 2019-10-24 15:54 Posted by : peter88
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354 Views Wesley Eldridge: GraphQL and Vue for WordPress
Learn how to use GraphQL and Vue to build an interactive WordPress site. We will go over some of the motivations and fundamentals behind GraphQL. From there we will install wp-graphql and VueJs. Finally we will get the client and server to talk to each delivering data via GraphQL. https://2019.birmingham.wordcamp.org/files/2019/08/GraphQL-WordPress-Talk.pdf
Post date : 2019-10-24 12:36 Posted by : peter88
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272 Views Jacqui Jones: Repurposing – From Site to Social
This talk will help content creators get more use of their website and blog content while eliminating the stresses of social media management.
Post date : 2019-10-24 11:51 Posted by : peter88
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289 Views Gal Baras: How to Make Your Site Load 5 Times Faster in 10 Minutes (for FREE)
Page loading speed is critical these days for user experience, particularly on mobile phones, and therefore for SEO. Research shows that a 1-second difference in loading time can have a huge impact on site conversions. Luckily, there are some awesome plugins that make speeding up your site light work. Using them, you can get 95% of the possible performance boost using only FREE plugins. https://2019.brisbane.wordcamp.org/session/how-to-make-your-site-load-5-times-faster-in-10-minutes-for-free/
Post date : 2019-10-24 11:47 Posted by : peter88