Songs with telephone sounds

Post date: 2023-09-26 07:26:56
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I am looking for songs with land-line telephone sounds - particularly dial tones or busy signals - used as musical elements.

Examples of what I'm looking for:
- Penguin Cafe Orchestra's Pythagorus On The Line or Telephone and Rubber Band
- Scott Orr's Stay Awake On The Phone (I realize the sounds here might be completely synthesized, or heavily effect-processed samples, but I think this song is exquisite and this one probably inspired this question)
- Macha Loved Bedhead's cover of Cher's Believe
- KonKan's I beg Your Pardon

Less interested in songs where a telephone rings in solo - such as Glenn Miller's PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000 - or otherwise is a plot device such as in a pre-song skit or intermission dialogue - such as at the end of Pink Floyd's Young Lust.
Likewise not too interested in cellphone ringtones.
Not interested (for the purposes of this question) in songs about phone calls, like I Just Called To Say I Love You or Hello.

Don't leave me hanging on the line - leave me a message with all your dial-tone gems!
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