Thoughts on getting Lasik?

Post date: 2023-09-26 10:59:06
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I had a consultation for Lasik, and was considered eligible. What questions would you recommend I ask the doctor before making a major decision like this, and did you have any negative experiences with Lasik?

I've been wanting to get Lasik for a long time now. I wear prescription eyeglasses all the time, and am very nearsighted and myopic. I'm tired of eyeglasses and the hassles of getting new ones, going through frame adjustments, and that kind of thing. I want to be able to enjoy life without eyeglasses.

The consultation went well overall; we used a video interpreter service (an accommodation to my Deafness), and used gestures to supplement that. I'm not entirely, 100% sure if the testing doctor and I were able to get everything conveyed properly, including the tests/examination of my vision, but we were able to make it work overall.

I'm very nervous at the prospect of getting Lasik — it seems so... irreversible. As I am Deaf, I depend solely on my vision (of course, alongside feeling/tasting/smelling senses), so once Lasik is done, it's pretty much done. I've read some horror stories of Lasik forever messing up one's vision, but TBF, those stories were mostly in the early 00's and 90's, when Lasik was still new. With eyeglasses, if it's screwed up, it's pretty simple to get corrected (although there's been some monumental fuckups in the past with cheap eyeglasses and providers who didn't do their jobs properly). With Lasik, it's a done deal, and there's basically no going back. On the other hand, I'm done with eyeglasses, I want to invest in myself and get something that's pretty advanced technologically.


-Did any of you have Lasik, and did it mess up your vision permanently?
-Any specific questions I should be asking the doctor?
-Anything else I should know?

I'm very sensitive to things being close to my eyes (ie, eyedrops, fingers probing my eyes, etc) so that's another factor to consider.


The office said that if I brought in my own interpreter, they'd give me $400 off (on top of the discounts I'm already getting with my insurance), which would make the total cost about $3k plus change.

Questions for that:

-Is that a red flag of sorts? They did say they would provide their own interpreter if I didn't choose to do that, but wasn't clear if it was video or in person. For the surgery, I'd definitely prefer in person.
-If I do that option, I'm thinking about asking my friend if he could give me a ride and interpret; in lieu of treating him to dinner. He lives in my apartment community and we're pretty good friends. However, he would likely ask why they can't provide their own interpreters, and it might become awkward explaining I'm getting a discount with my own interpreter. As the procedure would only take ~30 minutes in office (if I understood correctly), it might be simple and straightforward, especially if I ask all questions prior via email, but I don't want my friend feeling resentful or wanting the $400. I don't know if that makes any sense, but hope some of you can give insight on that.

Thanks in advance!
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