Can you help me identify this 1940s French village?

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My great-uncle was in a cell in the French Resistance during WWII and either took a lot of photos or was given photos by a Maquis friend of his. I have images of the album but next to no details besides that, because he died in the 60s and my dad can't remember what he told him about the location. Can you help me identify where in France these photos were taken? Am assuming Limousin region but am not sure. More details and image links inside.

He worked on some kind of farm outside of a village, of which there are a few shots:
Shot 1
Shot 2

Here are some photos of areas and buildings of importance around where he lived:
Friend on the street in a village
Lonely-looking house surrounded by trees
Stone Cottage

This photo is particularly interesting. My uncle is on the far right on a street corner, presumably with other Maquis. I got excited for a minute by the inscribed block on the building behind him, but it seems like it's just saying "Post no bills." Street corner shot

Just for fun, here are some shots of him and his Maquis friends doing farming things:
Using a tractor
Hauling logs
Kissing a cow
Hangin' out at the rabbit hutch
French Resistance dog (a very good boy)
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