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Confused about weight loss? You've come to the right place. - Comment

Confused about weight loss? You've come to the right place.
Losing weight.

This phrase causes a lot of confusion among people when its really a pretty simple concept. I'll explain everything to you need to know in regards to this and debunk a few myths along the way.

Fat, that dreaded body tissue that we're all trying to lose or keep away from. Fat comes in two forms; White fat cells (Unilocular cells) and Brown fat cells (Multilocular cells). White fat cells are generally the ones we are trying to lose, these contain a large lipid droplet in a semi liquid state that grows when we gain weight or shrinks when we lose it. Brown fat cells are used by our body to generate heat and are located mainly around the neck and large blood vessels.

Interestingly, the average human adult has 30 billion fat cells with a weight of 30 lbs or 13.5 kg. If excess weight is gained as an adult, fat cells increase in size about fourfold before dividing and increasing the absolute number of fat cells present. and with weight loss we don't actually lose the cells, just the volume inside these cells. Though in obesity, cells can divide and increase to accommodate more fat to be stored and these new cells cannot be lost without surgery.

So how does our bodies use this fat as energy? When insulin levels drop in response to low blood glucose levels caused by a restriction of calories it triggers an intracellular secondary messenger cascade that phosphorylates hormone-sensitive lipase to break triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids for use in metabolism, a process called lipolysis.

The free fatty acids move into the blood stream where they are transported to the tissue needing fuel.

Now with all that sciency stuff out the way we can get to the part you've all been waiting for, how we actually induce fat loss. To lose fat volume there's only one way to do so, despite what some companies trying to sell you thing will tell you.

Your body requires a certain amount of calories to be consumed every day to keep itself running properly. This number is quantifiable. Using a calculation called the Mifflin St. Jeor equation. This equation calculates your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) and it is as follows:

BMR = 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (years) + 5

The number that it gives you once you have completed it is the number of calories your body needs every day just to function. This excludes and sort of energy expended from exercise or moving around and only factors in the energy expenditure of your bodily functions.

Once you know your BMR, you can make a more realistic guess of your total daily energy expenditure, or TDEE. This reflects the entire amount of calories, or energy, your body burns during a given day when you’re sleeping, ingesting and digesting food, working and exercising. To truly reflect the energy you’re burning, TDEE takes into account two additional aspects.

1. Thermic Effect of Activity (TEA): This is the amount of calories burned while exercising. The more intensely your muscles are working, the more calories you’ll burn. And if you’ve completed a higher intensity workout, your body will have to work even harder to replenish its oxygen stores

2. Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF): When you digest food and absorb its nutrients, your body uses energy in the form of calories to do so, though this is only about 5% of your needs per day.

So how to we make sense of this? Well there are a number of calculators that you can find online but for all you lazy people I've found a great one for you: http://tdeecalculator.net

This calculator will do all the work for you, just make sure you are honest with yourself about all the inputs!

So after all this we get a number, probably in the region of 1500 to 3000. So what do we do to lose weight? its simple, take a percentage of that number, this is usually 70%, 80% or 90% depending on how aggressively you want to lose the fat. Note that the more aggressive the fat loss the more you will crave more food. I usually stick with 80% as it works best for me.

At this point you're probably staring at a number thinking "now what". Well here's the thing, to lose weight, all you need to do is make sure you eat that amount of calories every day. Its as simple as that. You don't need green tea or a protein shake, just eat that amount of calories per day and you WILL lose weight.

If you guys have any more questions fire me a message or ask in the comments and ill be sure to answer. Thanks for reading! Also, if you a minute to check out me and my friends YouTube channel we'd really appreciate it! - www.youtube.com/channel/UCMvhEMchx-MhJLGVLIXW9QA

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