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Basic Weight Loss Tutorial.
Imgurian Used Fav For Later - It Was Super Effective!

After writing numerous posts about health, fitness and weight management I have received plenty of questions from fellow Imgurians, but without fail the biggest question I get asked is this: "how exactly do I apply the information in your posts to real life?"

So in this post my aim is to answer this question to the best of my abilities. I know there's many who see a wall of text and instantly down-vote but for those willing to read for a couple minutes, I promise you it will be worth it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you've read my previous posts (which I recommend you do) you'll know all about Flexible Dieting. For those who are unfamiliar, I’ll sum it up briefly. Flexible dieting is a method of eating that involves quantifying the food we eat in order to produce a favorable body composition. we do this by finding out how much food our body needs (calorie intake) and how much of each type of food our body needs (macro-nutrient intake) then using this information to track the food we eat each day. After we find out the number of calories our body needs to maintain its weight we can apply a 20% increase in calories for weight gain or a 20% decrease in calories for weight loss. But that's all well and good and we can find and calculate all these numbers and values relatively easily but applying it to our lives is a different ball game so in order to turn the theory into application we need to have the tools we need at our disposal. The first tool we need is a calorie and macro-nutrient calculator; these can be found online. Use these calculators to find your own numbers by inputting the various personal details. The two I use are over at:

tdeecalculator.net - Use this to calculate your calorie intake.

macronutrientcalculator.com - Use this to calculate your macros after you know your calorie intake.

Once we find out the numbers Its time to apply the theory and one of the biggest tools we use is a digital food scale. This allows us to directly weigh out the food we eat in order to be able to track how much we are eating. The next tool we need is somewhere to store and keep track of these numbers for us. Luckily the people over at MyFitnessPal.com have created a fantastic app that allows us to do so. All we need to do is input the weights of the food we ate and the app does the rest - calculating the calories and macro-nutrient values. The app also allows us to input our calorie goals for the day giving us the ability to know when we are approaching our daily calorie limit. And finally we need a bathroom scale. This is to allow us to track our weight as we progress on our diets. So after we have all the tools and knowledge in place all there is left to do is apply it to our eating schedule!

Weigh out your food for each meal, keep track of it in the MyFitnessPal app making sure to stay within your calorie and macro-nutrient limits and weigh yourself each week to ensure you are making progress.

Tl; Dr - Track your calorie and macro-nutrient intake to ensure success at losing or gaining weight.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to dm me with any additional questions you may have.

Also, feel free to check out my friends youtube channel for fitness and motivational content!

- Peaky96

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