Fellow humans with aged prostate glands...

Post date: 2022-11-27 18:32:03
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I've been prescribed Tamsulosin for the usual reasons. I'm finding it difficult to figure out what time of day to take it. Does the time actually matter, in terms of efficacy? Have you been taking it *not* in the morning, and found it to work OK?

The guidance seems to vary widely. The prevailing wisdom (?) seems to be to take it in the morning, and/or "30 minutes after the same meal every day". I'd like to take it at night, per the side-effect of sleepiness. Fighting daytime sleepiness etc. is already a struggle due to other medications I take (which I cannot not take); I have zero appetite for making it worse by adding in something new.

Also, WTF is with this "take 30 minutes after a meal" nonsense? Or is it indeed sensible and recommended that one wait 30 minutes, and not longer than 30 minutes, after a meal, to take this stuff?

Bonus Round: anyone had success using other supplements (e.g. saw palmetto, corn silk...) in addition to, if not in lieu of, taking Tamsulosin? I have no principled opposition to taking it, but the common side effects of sleepiness and lower back pain are two things I can really use less of already.

Thank you!
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