RecordAnyVid & VideoSolo- possible malware?

Post date: 2022-09-27 13:13:51
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Someone I work with tried to download RecordAnyVid but instead ended up downloading a totally different program. What happened, and should they be worried?

This person had purchased a Windows license for RecordAnyVid through VidPaw on my recommendation. They went to the VidPaw store to try to download it. They clicked the blue and yellow camera icon over RecordAnyVid in the Most Popular Picks section. Mousing over this icon indicates the URL is However, when they clicked on the link, they were instead redirected to the URL The person then downloaded and ran the executable, but obviously was not able to activate the license with their RecordAnyVid credentials.

I tried this myself and confirmed that the incorrect redirect is still happening. I also noticed it happens if you click the ConvertAnyVid icon as well.

I've been using the Mac version of RecordAnyVid for over a year and haven't had an issue. However, I'm now fairly creeped out, and the creepy "Record your life, remain alive" tagline for RecordAnyVid on the erroneously-redirecting VidPaw site doesn't help.

My questions are:
1) How did this happen in the first place?
2) Does it indicate something malicious is happening?
3) Does the person who downloaded VideoSolo need to take any additional steps beyond uninstalling the program and running a virus scan?
4) Should this decrease my trust in RecordAnyVid?
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