Have any ideas for an extra electrical outlet?

Post date: 2022-08-08 17:34:33
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I have an electrical outlet that I can't use for normal purposes. Any ideas on gadgets I can plug in directly that will be useful in some way?

I have an electrical outlet that's a standard 3-prong dual outlet that's about a foot off the floor. It was previously hidden behind a bookcase but a room redesign exposed it. It's next to the bookcase now, and there's no access behind the bookcase, so there's no way for me to put a table there, or a lamp, or put anything into the bookcase as the cord would have to go across the front.

So I'm wondering whether there are any cool things that plug directly into an outlet that I could put on that. Like, a plug-in air freshener, but I don't really need that. Any ideas?
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