More art like stridentism?

Post date: 2022-05-19 02:41:16
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I recently learned about the short-lived 1920s Mexican art movement called stridentism / estridentismo. I really like the linocut/woodcut/"zine-ish" style of this artwork and it would be nice to buy a print or two for my walls, but online resources and information are hard to find. Can you give me tips for finding prints by stridentist artists, OR can you recommend other art in this style? (Examples inside...)

I particularly like the style of these prints (linotype/linocut, I think?) that appeared in stridentist magazines:
Unknown title by German Cueto (?)
Abstract by Fermin Revueltas
Magazine illustration by Jean Charlot
El Hombre que se Comio un Autobus - Alfredo Mario Ferreiro
Book cover - "El Movimiento Estridentista"
Illustration from Proa #11 - Norah Borges
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