Where can I get downloadable stock market data?

Post date: 2021-10-24 14:49:34
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I'm looking for a source of downloadable stock market data. I'm a software developer and my father-in-law has asked me if I can help him with a simple project. He's retired from a successful career in the financial world but still dabbles in the stock market.

He wants access to what sounds like fairly basic data on all publicly traded companies on the US exchanges. I think he said there are about 10,000 of them.

He wants:
Number of shares issued.
Number of shares in the "float". I think that means available for public trading.
Market capitalization.
Recent share price.

He wants to do some filtering as a prescreening exercise for further research. It doesn't have to be anything remotely real time. It sounds like monthly would be good enough. A big CSV file would do it. It will probably be too big for a spreadsheet so I'll build him a simple database application. We want raw data so he can do his own research.

I have no idea if I'm asking for something crazy or very expensive but we're not expecting it to be free. Something that could be downloaded automatically by my code would be good but we could cope with a manual download requiring a captcha if necessary.

I've done some searching and can find lots of APIs which return data on one stock symbol / company but nothing like this sort of bulk download useful for local import and searching.
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