How much should I be concerned about this e-mail domain blacklist

Post date: 2021-09-25 00:59:37
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Hoping to make sure that my business e-mails do not go into clients' spam, I have become obsessed with my score on Mail Genius. It claims my domain appears on one of several blacklists. How seriously should I take all of this?

Is this something I should spend time worrying about fixing, or is this a racket like the Internet reputation industry?

This service is the one that has supposedly flagged my custom .co.uk domain as a bad actor. My setup is that I manage my e-mail in Gmail, but not in a GSuite -- I send it through a Dreamhost SMTP hosted under that custom domain. MailGenius is also claiming I am missing a DMARC record, which as I understand involves setting up something called a DKIM. It is making me wonder if I am better off just using vanilla Gmail, which scores much higher on MailGenius.

Any advice or experiences with these things?
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