Which wall-bed should we buy?

Post date: 2021-03-03 05:39:05
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We're looking to buy a Murphy bed for a home office, and we're trying to figure out which one to get.

We have elderly relatives who live overseas, so when they visit it's typically for weeks or months at a time. Some of them are pretty obese, so the bed needs to be sturdy enough to take some abuse. Another has a severe back problem, so comfort is also a priority — our current sofa bed hasn't been good on that front.

This will wind up sitting in a home office, in view of Zoom calls etc, so aesthetics are an issue. We'd like something simple & clean-looking, and — since the room isn't huge — something pretty compact. We also like the idea of having a built-in couch when the bed is closed, like this one. We could spend a reasonable amount on this, but we want to make sure we get something that's comfortable and that will last — we don't want to pay a premium for something that'll fall to pieces in a few years.

Does anyone have any stories about wall-beds that they can share? Recommendations or warnings? We live in Chicago, if that's a factor.

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