How to become a family law attorney: advice for a middle schooler

Post date: 2021-02-24 03:48:55
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How do people become family law attorneys? I have a young person in my life who wants to become a family law attorney so she can help families in difficult times. She wants advice on how to do this. She is from a poor and underserved area in South Carolina - low high school graduation rates, limited access to college counselors and college prep. I don't know jack about law school except that the student loans can kill you.

What does the educational and professional trajectory look like for someone becoming a family law attorney? She wants to research undergraduate colleges - what are some good ones for pre-law (especially affordable and in South Carolina)? What do pre-law students major in? How do you get a law degree and not drown in debt? Metafilter attorneys: what would *you* tell a middle schooler who was thinking about this career path? What can you do as a middle schooler and high schooler to increase your chances of success?

Bonus: this child is black and starting to consciously grapple with racism. Tell me about organizations that might give her hope or support - at any stage in her education/career.
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