Audio-based stories pushing the envelope on the use of audio

Post date: 2020-12-03 21:28:15
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Could be books, dramas, podcasts, anything audio based -- but used to tell a fictional narrative. Basically, I have been listening to a lot of audiobooks, as well as some audiodramas. I like the format a lot! That said, I'm looking for audio-based media like this where they reallllly lean into the audio. Sort of like if the radiolab folks made a really elaborate audio narrative. Heavy use of music, editing, sounds, just really really leaning into the "audio" part of the equation.

No real snowflake details. I am open to any genre, any type of story, anything really. I just want to see if there is anyone sort of...trying to push the medium?

If there end up being a ton of options, I will share a bit about what I like: these days I've been getting back into sci fi and fantasy (I know, narrows it down). I also really like chinese historical costume dramas (I've been listening to audio drama productions of various boylove historical dramas, for example). I like wuxia a lot. I dunno, I think I'm happy to let production quality be the deciding factor, as I consume media pretty broadly, even if I have my favorites.
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