How does this Chinese device for catching locusts work?

Post date: 2020-12-04 00:02:04
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Here is the patent. The original text is in Chinese and English text is available through automated translation. Could a good speaker of Chinese with some engineering background tell me how this thing is supposed to work?

Context: there's a locust plague going on in Eastern Africa and I'm co-writing a paper about locust-catching methods. It turns out that there are lots of Chinese and Russian patents for such devices (which were pioneered by the US in the 1870s), but they're all in their original language with no proper English translation. I've been able to more or less figure out most of them (they're basically big vacuum cleaners) but I don't get how this one works, except that it has nets on each side, can be mounted on a motorcycle, and the Bernoulli principle is involved. It does not seem to require a power source, but I'd like to be sure of that.
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