Outdoor Thanksgiving: what will I need?

Post date: 2020-10-23 04:11:36
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We are going to do an outdoor Thanksgiving with physical distancing! Help me plan for comfort and safety.

Our normal Thanksgivings are long, small, and elaborate. I would like to replicate that as much as possible while outside. It's a warmish climate, but weather could be 40F / 5C with rain. I have a few things already: a patio heater for each group to encourage separation, a rotisserie to do the turkey on a gas grill (always!), and a two-burner camp stove. I think I want to rig some tarps but have no idea how to go about that. I read you can heat bricks in the oven and put them in a newspaper-lined cooler for tailgating, so that's an option. In a sense, I guess this is a Thanksgiving tailgate! But I've never done that before.

There will be a house with a fully stocked bathroom/kitchen, but I'd like to spend an absolute minimum amount of time there. What are your tips and tricks for an outdoor Thanksgiving? For reference, we're treating person-to-person close contact as the only significant transmission vector, fomite (person-surface-person) is not relevant to us, though feel free to suggest measures that make sense to you.
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