typos, email addresses, and I've lost my chill, help

Post date: 2020-10-18 08:31:49
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I submitted a piece of writing to a literary journal's writing competition and I received an honorable mention! AND they want to publish it in their 2021 spring edition. But a stupid complication has arisen and I'm getting anxious. Could use some advice from anyone who's been published before.

So, I submitted my piece to the journal through Submittable a few months ago and got a response through Submittable on Thursday night that I got an Honorable Mention and they want to publish me, and so if the writing was still available (i.e. it hadn't been accepted anywhere else) to please let them know and they'd send me a publishing contract.

It IS still available, so I messaged them back saying thank you, yes, it's still available and I'd be honored to be published in their journal.

On Friday, I noticed that when I originally submitted the writing to this journal, I made a major typo in my email address, so if they tried to send me a publishing contract, it would end up with the wrong person or bounce back.

So I sent another message to the journal via Submittable explaining the email they had on file for me was incorrect because I made a typo and letting them know what my actual email address is.

Is this sufficient? I'm worried they tried to send me a contract on Friday, got a bounce back, and now are going to give up. This is totally the result of catastrophic thinking by someone with anxiety issues, I get that. But, I have never been published before - at least not in a way that would require a contract (I am a staff writer for a local arts pub but we don't take submissions from outside writers and don't use Submittable), so I have no idea how this goes.

Is the message I sent them via Submittable clarifying my email address sufficient, or should I try to contact the journal directly? How stupid does it make me look that I can't even spell my own email address correctly when submitting work for publication? How long does it take to generate a publication contract for a literary journal? Do I need to be more proactive here since the email typo was my mistake?

Or should I just take a fucking chill pill, crack open a beer, and not worry?

(are all writers as anxious as me?)
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