Job search dilemmas

Post date: 2020-08-13 02:01:24
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I don't feel that secure at my current job, and it looks like I'm about to be offered a new job... at a 17k pay cut. Also some yellow flags? I shouldn't take it, right? Or should I?

Oookay. I am super miserable at my current toxic job, and I also think I am likely to be laid off in September when PPP ends-- but I'm not sure (probably dependent on some funding coming through via a public school department which looks likely but obviously isn't the most sure thing right now).

I'm currently WFH and I don't have to deal with my boss too much, so that's actually been great for my work stress level-- but it's hard to have anxiety about job security and feeling at loose ends right now.

I have been job hunting since March, gone on 5 interviews so far. I currently make $57k, and would like to make at least $50k if I need to take a pay cut. I have enough savings that I would be able to weather over a year of unemployment.

It looks like I'm about to be offered a job with a $40k salary and I'm strongly considering withdrawing from the process/turning it down. The work itself sounds interesting, but beyond the pay not being what I want, there are some other cons:

-The funding is only guaranteed for a year.
-I didn't really like my immediate manager in the interview, I felt like he was condescending and we just didn't "click."
-There are a number of negative reviews on Glassdoor.
-I would need to work in person in a large office instead of WFH, so potential exposure to COVID.
-I was called in for an interview with less than 24 hours notice and then they called me looking for a new reference after playing phone tag with one of my references for only 24 hours, on a state holiday, a week and a half after my interview. Which just seems kind of pushy/indicative of a hurry up and wait culture?

My gut is telling me I should pass on this one. What do y'all think?
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