Stafford Loans

Post date: 2020-03-25 14:38:58
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I have a several questions on federal student aid and loans. -Is your income recalculated each year? -How does one apply for Stafford loans?

I have been accepted into a Grad School program and received notification of my available merit awards. I have filled out a FAFSA. I am showing a high income from my previous full-time employment and am not eligible for any student aid. I think I will eligible next year based on my lower self-employed income from this year? Is that true? Or does your income on entering school matter? My FAFSA says I am eligible for direct unsubsidized Stafford loans but I can't figure out how I apply for them? Is it through my school's financial aid office? Will I only see that information when I accept their offer? Office is currently closed due to corona and am just trying to figure out how this works in general.
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