Breakfast without breaking my fast?

Post date: 2020-01-22 08:59:54
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I'm doing a CrossFit boot camp in the mornings after a loooong period of inactivity. It's going well, I go very early morning and on a fasting stomach, but last two times I've gotten dizzy and weak at the end. I think I need to fuel the machine.

My understanding is that fasting workout encourages weight loss and is better for your blood sugars (or whatever, my doctor was threatening to say I was prediabetic). I don't usually eat breakfast, I find it hard to eat in the morning and hard to prepare things at any time. My diet is reasonably balanced otherwise but I tend to snack on sweets.

Of the things I can push in my face with no prep, in the hour before my workout starts, which is least likely to distract from the fasting benefits (or add too much calories) and when should I eat it?

To be clear, we are talking a one-move eating, an amount of food transferred from hand to gob. Examples of things I could imagine: like a spoonful of peanut butter, a "gel" (?!), a boiled egg, a small juice or probiotic yoghurt shot, a protein/muesli bar or raw-ball or something I guess, some dates or Brazil-nuts, possibly cocoa powdered ones, mmm, a couple ritz crackers. I can say in advance that I will not be eating or preparing, fruit, veg, porridge, pudding, smoothies, etc.
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