Resources for learning transliterated Urdu or Hindi?

Post date: 2018-10-07 03:51:50
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I am interested in learning Urdu/Hindi in order to better communicate and socialize with my in-laws, including by text message. However, most of the resources and courses I find are either in Arabic or Devanagari script, which doesn't suit our situation.

My in-laws' written communication is all transliterated using the Latin alphabet - they speak Urdu, but I'm not sure they use Arabic script at all for anything aside from religious reading. It seems like it would be a lot easier to learn the language if I could skip learning to read an alphabet that I will never use.

Is there an app, course or resource online that teaches Hindi or Urdu using a Latin alphabet? Bonus points if it is tailored for conversational vocabulary - I mainly need to be able to talk about families, the house, daily life, movies, sentiments and relationships etc. with my MIL.

(I have Get Started in Hindi, which is transliterated throughout and has been very useful. I'd like to find an app or online resource, or a more structured textbook, that at least provides transliterations throughout. Not looking for any kind of transliteration tool, though, I want it laid out for me.)
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