autumnal orzo

Post date: 2018-10-07 06:50:41
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I want to make some kind of appropriately fall-ish pasta dish with orzo and some/most of the other ingredients listed inside. Help me out!

I was inspired by seeing sweet potato orzo in my grocery store's bulk section and wanted to make some kind of fall-flavored orzo dish for lunches this week, preferably with some protein. I then noticed the sweet potato orzo was $10.99/lb and decided to stick with regular orzo, but nonetheless want to proceed with the dish. I have:
-orzo (regular)
-a small-ish butternut squash
-two bags of frozen chopped kale
-a handful of crimini mushrooms
-a bag of Brussels sprouts
-firm tofu
-a package of Tofurkey-brand "oven-roasted chick'n" (bought on impulse, never tried it before)
-boxed chicken stock
-boxed miso broth (Costco)
-white miso paste
-parmesan cheese
-fontina cheese
-a fairly well-stocked pantry - onions, garlic, ginger, standard dried herbs, etc.

I own a slow cooker, an Instant Pot, baking sheets, an occasionally capable oven. I'm fairly good at winging it without a recipe. Obviously I don't expect to use all of these ingredients, but I'm hoping to involve a decent number of them. Any and all ideas appreciated! Thanks!
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