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How To Use Wood Filler Sticks- Comment

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Post date : 2024-07-11 18:21
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Information about this video
We've put together this 30-second instructional video showing how to use wood fillers on stairs to fix scratches and dings. For your new prefinished stair treads you can use our custom-blend prefinished wood putty sticks.

Ready to buy wood filler sticks?
Color-matched to our standard stain colors
Mix two or more colors for custom shades
Safe, non-toxic, and has dozens of other uses around the home including:
Wood flooring touch-up
Furniture touch-up
Use on doors, windows, nearly any wood product!

How to use wood fillers for large gaps?
Simply rub the wood filler stick on the damaged area till its filled up. Then rub off the excess wax with a piece of cloth and the spot with be undetectable.

To know more visit the site: https://www.stair-treads.com/instructions-how-to/how-to-use-wood-filler-sticks.html

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