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Inspired LED 101: How to bend LED flex - Comment

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Post date : 2023-01-11 19:14
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Information about this video
Welcome to the second edition of our educational mini-series Inspired LED 101: A Quick and Easy Guide to Inspired LED Products! In this segment we will provide an overview of how to deal with tricky turns and angles when installing LED flex.

Inspired LED’s flexible LED strips are a versatile lighting solution, perfect for almost any accent or task-lighting application. Adhesive backing allows these LEDs to mount easily to flat surfaces, however, the installation process often requires the strips to be bent around curves and corners. For best results, use these simple techniques to make the most of your LED lighting…

*Please Note: The following strategies are intended for use with Normal Bright or Super Bright flexible LED strips only. Always avoid bending individual diodes, resistors, and solder joints to prevent damage. For more info on these components check out Inspired LED 101: Part 1-Components of an LED Flex Strip.

Technique 1: The 90° Fold
To create a nice, clean corner fold, follow these steps during installation.
Technique 2: The 90° Pinch
This technique is recommended for areas where the flex strips will be kept out of sight, without the need for the finished look of the 90° fold. For a more simplified corner turn, pinch the flex between LED components into a peak. Use a dab of super glue as needed to hold the pinch in place.
Technique 3: The Curve
To make a more gradual turn, create a series of small accordion folds spaced several inches apart. This technique is recommended for areas with rounded edges and angles greater that 90°. A small dab of super glue may be used to help secure each fold.

The more you know about your new LED system, the better prepared you will be to install and manage it in the future! If you are interested in putting together your own LED lighting system or using one of our handy DIY kits, visit our website at www.inspiredled.com. Or, to take the guesswork out of the process completely, contact our design services team for a free product layout by emailing design@inpiredled.com.

Source Link: https://www.inspiredled.com/inspired-led-products/inspired-led-101-part-2-how-to-bend-led-flex-strips/
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