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We Dive at Dawn 1943- Comment

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Post date : 2020-11-29 01:31
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In the midst of World War II, the crew of the submarine HMS Sea Tiger finds their long-awaited shore leave suspended when they're given a new mission. Germany's brand-new battleship, the Brandenburg, is crossing open waters on its way to the Baltic Sea, giving commanding officer Lt. Taylor (John Mills) and his crew a chance to destroy it. But when the ship enters the well-fortified Baltic, Taylor must decide whether to chase after their quarry, not knowing if they can make it out alive.
Initial release: April 15, 1943 (United Kingdom)
Director: Anthony Asquith
Producer: Edward Black
Production companies: Gainsborough Pictures, Gaumont-British
Screenplay: J.B. Williams, Val Valentine, Frank Launder

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