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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget- Comment

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Post date : 2017-03-15 06:40
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Use these tips from Lowe's Creative Ideas to remodel your kitchen on a budget by making changes in stages. Find project details here: http://low.es/KPHx5U

Update your outdated kitchen cabinets by applying a simple coat of paint and changing out the cabinet and drawer pulls. Installing glass fronts on end cabinets will help to open up the space. Update old kitchen countertops instead of replacing them by using Modern Masters Countertop Transformation. Installing sleek new appliances is another easy way to make your kitchen look more modern and up-to-date.

Open up your kitchen by removing soffits and upper cabinets. This will allow the kitchen to flow into the dining room. Tie the dining room and kitchen together by tiling the backsplash and one wall in the dining room with high-style stone subway tile. Adding shelves in the dining room that match the kitchen countertops will also help to coordinate the spaces. These shelves can be used to store things or used as extra storage space.

Incorporating DIY projects like the chairs and the floor cloth in this video provides an affordable way to incorporate high impact style into your kitchen. Transform a wall into functional art by painting it with chalkboard paint.

For more creative interior design ideas, visit http://www.lowescreativeideas.com

Find all your supplies for your do-it-yourself projects at http://www.lowes.com
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