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How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!- Comment

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Post date : 2016-11-16 17:06
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Information about this video
See a more complete How-To guide on my blog; http://offgridvan.blogspot.com/

In this video I tried to make a video that I would have loved to be able to see when I was starting to create my van.. I really hope it is useful or inspiring.

Questions welcome - I will try and answer them in good time. Otherwise, I will collect them and do a video response for them all for my next video (just subscribe and you will get a notification for the when it goes live).

I will also publish a video saying why I made decisions and how I do things while on the road - also van tour and other stuff about vans! Subscribe to pick it up! :)

Good luck with your projects!

Instagram: nate_murphy1
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