How do you fit in exercise working from home while working long hours?

Post date: 2024-04-18 22:45:58
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If you work from home and have a heavy workload with long hours, how do you find time to exercise?

I used to be obese but got down to a normal BMI with diet and exercising 2 hours a day. I am currently in the best shape of my life. I am trying to lose more vanity pounds and am terrified of regaining. I have diet under control (I just eat steamed veg plus proteins for lunch and dinner and Greek yogurt with berries for breakfast) but I'm worried about the exercise part.

I may be working full-time from home soon and I will have a heavy workload with long hours and tight deadlines. I will have clients in other time-zones who message me all day, making it hard for me to switch off, even on weekends. I will no longer have so much time to exercise and about 30 minutes top per day. I may have to reduce the amount I eat to compensate though I am already not eating much and I dread going hungry because it will affect my concentration.

My job is computer-based and sedentary. It's mentally but not physically taxing except on the eyes and hands.

I own all the dumbbells I need, shoes and a yoga mat. I do not live near any nice gyms/exercise classes because I live in the middle of nowhere where housing is cheap(I cannot afford to move). I don't own a car and live in a place unsuitable for walks so I have to work out at home.

Working out makes me tired so I can't work out before work in the morning. For various reasons, I can't switch to a standing desk or sit on an exercise ball though I did consider a under-desk pedal but I'm afraid it will take up too much space. I'm considering 5 minute mini-workouts during eye-breaks and a 10 minute workout before lunch. Then a longer workout in the evening after work for as long as I manage(hopefully at least 30 minutes). I'm going to put dumbbells next to my desk.

How do other Mefites with similar schedules manage? I don't want to look like the Michelin Woman again!
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