What do you mean I'm not invincible?

Post date: 2024-04-14 12:39:31
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Having some Feelings™ about some recent test results.

I turned 40 recently, and thus had my first mammogram. I was warned at that scan that I'd likely have to come back for an ultrasound as my breast tissue is very dense. I ended up needing both a follow-up mammogram and an ultrasound due to some calcifications. At that appointment, I was told I needed a biopsy for those same calcifications. I also have a fibroadenoma that needs twice yearly ultrasounds.

As someone who has been very lucky up to now, health-wise, I'm feeling all sorts of ways about this. I've never had surgery, never been on any long-term meds, never even broken a bone up to this point. I guess I thought I was kind of invincible? It sounds silly to say out loud but that's what it feels like. During the appointment I was in kind of a daze and didn't really grasp what the Dr was saying till later. A talk with my husband calmed down the panicky feelings, but I'm still trying to process everything.

So to my question: I have read a lot about the biopsy process itself and know what to expect. I know this is a very common procedure, most of these biopsies are benign, etc. I'm looking for anything to help process these feelings in general. Books, videos, articles, personal anecdotes, anything is fair game. (NB: Please assume I know about therapy)

Thanks all!
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