We're downsizing...or are we?

Post date: 2024-03-29 02:38:16
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We're looking to downsize to a smaller, less expensive house. My wife, theoretically in agreement with this idea, is balking at making offers or counter offers. We've been at this for two months so far, and I'm losing hope. Advice welcome.

I'm 63, still working (at a startup), and providing most of the income for my wife and I. My wife is 66 and retired. I would like to retire and, given the state of tech employment these days, I may "get" to retire via RIF (the startup isn't doing great). Looking at our expenses and the size of our current home, it makes sense to me to downsize to a smaller and less expensive house. We have pre-approval for a loan for a new house and plan to buy the new house, move, put our house on the market, apply the proceeds to the new house, and re-amortize the loan. My wife, in principal, agrees with this plan. However, when it comes to actually making an offer on a house, she balks.

We've been looking since February 1. In our area, houses are getting multiple offers and going off the market within a week. We have made one offer on a house during this time, despite visiting 5+ houses a week either via open house or with our realtor. The sellers of the house we made the offer on counter-offered. At that point, my wife got incredibly offended and wanted nothing to do with the deal. This week, we visited another house. She liked it and we left the house with our realtor ready to make an offer. The next day, when it came time to sign, she balked again and yelled at me for putting pressure on her.

I'm giving up hope here. Any advice
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