How can I screenshot a film on MacOS/iOS?

Post date: 2024-03-29 03:50:46
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Over the past twenty years, I've purchased 1037 movies via the iTunes store (or whatever Apple calls it these days). I'm now getting into art. I would dearly love to screenshot some of my favorite scenes so that I can use them as reference for drawing/painting. By default, Apple prevents screenshots of DRM content. I can (and do) bypass this using BitTorrent to download copies of media I legally own, then screenshotting via VLC. I'm wary of this method for a variety of reasons. Is there a way to grab a goddamn screenshot in MacOS or iOS without resorting to "piracy"?

As an ancillary question: If I've legally purchased movies via iTunes (or on DVD), is it illegal to use BitTorrent (or other means) to download other copies? In this case, I don't care. If Apple is going to block legitimate fair use, I'm going to do it anyhow. But I'm curious to know the actual legality of "pirating" backup copies in order to get screenshots.

Currently downloading a copy of "Metropolis" — a movie now in the public domain! — because I can't get screenshots in iTunes (or Amazon or Netflix or HBO or Criterion).
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