Logging Access to Files on Local Desktop PC

Post date: 2024-03-29 14:08:16
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I've got a folder with ~200 files in it (mostly .pdf, but also images, .doc/.docx, .rtf, .html, txt/.md). I'd like to log when I open any of these files. I'd also like to log when I left-click files with the folder window in preview mode example imgur link]. The folder does not have subfolders, but is six levels deep in the folder hierarchy.

I suspect I'm not finding any of these files in local searches and could delete them if I knew for certain.

I've looked on prefvious askme's using:
"windows" "desktop" "folder" "log" and
"log file access", but nothing relevant came up.

The computer is my own, in my own company office so I don't care about violating anything.

Is this something that exists or would a script be the solution?

My system is Windows 10, 64bit..
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