Do you have a shampoo bar that you love?

Post date: 2024-02-07 04:33:52
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The local guy who made my absolutely perfect shampoo bars died unexpectedly, taking his secrets to the grave. All potential replacement bars have fallen short. Do you have one that you would recommend?

I've gone searching on Google but all three of the "top shampoo bars" lists from three different sources had suspiciously identical lists, so I thought I'd ask for recommendations from humans.

Things I loved about the old bars:
- I'm not sure whether it was the ingredients or the cure, but they were hard. They didn't get goopy or squishy in the shower.
- They were closer in shape to a cube than a rectangle, so you didn't end up with a large thin flake to try to keep from falling apart at the end.
- Moisturizing without weighing down my hair (I have a LOT of short, fine hair).
- Cheap! I'd buy a bag of ten bars, which would last about a year, for less than a hundred bucks.
- Pleasing herbal smell but not overpowering.

Things I haven't liked about the many other bars I've tried in the last few years:
- Many are too soft. From the first wash, they soak up water and can be poked into. They're used up much more quickly and are more likely to leave a slime trail in my hair when I shower directly after someone else.
- Long, thin rectangle that ends up in bits and pieces when it's down to about 20% left.
- Some are sprinkled with floral bits or whatever, which I end up either cutting off in a chunk (wasteful) or picking out of my hair (annoying).
- Too moisturizing, turning my hair into an oil slick, or too volumizing, turning my hair into straw.

Do you have a shampoo bar that you love for your fine, straight hair, that doesn't dissolve into a puddle of goo after one shower, and that doesn't cost $44 like one I saw recommended yesterday? If you've got an expensive one that meets all the other requirements, I'm willing to give it a try if they've got a tester or a travel-size option!
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