1 day until presentation, panicking

Post date: 2024-02-07 23:47:40
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I have 26 hours to prepare for a presentation, most of those hours are compromised and am having a controlled panic moment. How can I get this done?

- I did prepare the slides, notes kind of but not really and haven't practiced. Need to do additional reading for several key slides. Have a partner but they're having their own issues. 1.5 hr presentation

- my time has been stolen by other people's health conditions and the complete failure of our healthcare system. Ie trying to manage my dad's heart failure mostly outpatient for the past two months (he did end up admitted for a few days, after his cardiologist was negligent). Partner also having a very bad time. 2 households, transit, traffic, nightmare

- my dad was supposed to go to his day program tomorrow but there's been a COVID outbreak there so they're closed tomorrow. I can't find alternate arrangements. Asked sib, highly doubtful he'll help. It is not really possible to do productive work around my dad. I will have to be with him most of the day.

- presentation is 8:30 am the next day, I usually get up at 6 just to *get* to the class.

There has to be a way to accomplish this. This is my worst nightmare.

- I went to bed early last night to get up early to work on this (so I wouldn't have AS bad a time on the day), but I woke up and have now been up for 3-4 hours (currently 5:47 am my time), waiting to go back to sleep (so not working) and unable to do so. For papers I used to just stay up all night and work. The timing of this is messing me up.

What are some tricks to get me past paralysis and doing it? Even if it's not perfect. Just has to be done. Should I try to sleep or work right now
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