Should I vote for what I want?

Post date: 2023-10-28 08:26:03
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My strata is debating banning smoking/vaping, I loathe both but am unsure of my vote.

I live on the bottom floor of a 40 story condo tower, I'm the only suite that has a patio. For over five years I have complained to my strata about cigarette butts, often still lit, being tossed down onto my patio from residents living above.

Everytime I go out I have to pick up a few or a few dozen cigarette butts.

Strata has put up signs, sent out warnings, etc with no effect. Because of this there is going to be a vote next month on banning all forms of smoking/vaping everywhere in the strata, including inside private homes.

I'm torn, the butts on my patio are disgusting and dangerous yet I don't love voting to stop people from doing as they please inside their own homes.

Is it overkill to punish all smokers for the actions of what may be a single individual.

How would you vote
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